Homemade Toothpaste Recipe


9 months ago it had been almost 5 years since I had seen a dentist. The one I had been seeing was verbally abusive to her staff and it was horrible and I am still so surprised at how deeply it affected me. But anyways. 9 months ago my gums were bleeding and my teeth didn’t feel good and I wanted to do something {but not see a dentist…} so I started doing some research on oral care and discovered some compelling information on remineralizing teeth and decided to give both oil pulling and homemade toothpaste a chance. I have been doing both for 9 months now and am so happy with it! My teeth feel clean and my bleeding has totally stopped.

A month ago I finally did go see a dentist and I was shocked to discover I had zero cavities and he complimented me on my excellent oral health care. He was surprised when I told him I hadn’t seen a dentist in a long time, although I wouldn’t tell him how long it had been since I had seen someone {nor did I mention my toothpaste or oil pulling. I know it is weird.}

When I started making my own toothpaste I replaced everyone’s toothpaste with homemade toothpaste – there were a few complaints from the boys at first as it does taste much different than store bought toothpaste BUT they get to choose their own toothpaste flavor and that has been a lot of fun for them. Spearmint, orange cinnamon, cinnamon cloves and just plain cinnamon have been their favorites. Their complaints ended after the first month and for the past 8 months they have said nothing – they probably don’t even remember what store bought toothpaste tastes like.

Homemade toothpaste recipe

  • 5 TBS Calcium powder
  • 2 TBS Baking Soda
  • 4-5 TBS coconut oil {start with lesser amount and add to until you like the texture}
  • Essential oils for flavor {this is the BEST part! So much fun to explore the area of essential oils, just do your homework and triple check sources. With the popularity of essential oils has come many self proclaimed experts who don’t fully understand oils, be careful to verify information.}

Mix the first three ingredients together – I use a hand held immersion mixer – and then add your oil(s). You can divide the toothpaste into smaller amounts and make several different flavors if you wish. Or you can make it all the same flavor (or add no essential oil at all!)

I use these small containers for gifting and for us when we travel, otherwise ours gets packaged in containers we have on hand. To use we wash our hands and then dip our fingers in to pull out the desired amount. A spoon would work too, but clean hands is simpler for us.

This is really rather easy and simple to do – we have always kept coconut oil and baking soda in our pantry, so it has simply been a matter of keeping calcium powder on hand and I now always have these ingredients on hand to make toothpaste when we start to run out.
I have played with other recipes, including adding xylitol as a sweetener back at the beginning when the boys were protesting the change, but it was not worth while in my opinion.


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