Hezekiah :: God is our confidence :: day 18


Hezekiah was 25 years old when he became king and he had a heart that wanted to honor God.

In the first month of being king he opened up the temple doors. He ordered it to be repaired and told the priests to prepare themselves for service.

He knew the previous generation had been unfaithful and had turned their faces from God, and so he challenged the Levites not to be negligent. “The Lord has chosen you to stand before Him and serve Him!” He encouraged them.

The extreme difference between the father, who shut the temple and his son, who had it opened and repaired, shows us so well what we can see through the entire genealogy of the Lord Jesus; it doesn’t matter who your parents are each person has a personal responsibility before God to live in obedience to Him. Hezekiah had such wisdom in starting out his reign as king by setting right the dwelling place of God.

Under King Hezekiah’s command the Levites gathered themselves together and consecrated themselves, then set about purifying the temple of the Lord, following the instructions He had given. They made a blood offering and sang and played instruments and when the priests were finished King Hezekiah and all who were with him knelt down to worship.

All those gathered were invited to bring sacrifices and thank offerings to the Lord. The crowd of people with their animals for offerings kept growing; the priests couldn’t keep up with the skinning of all of the animals and they had to ask their relatives to help!

King Hezekiah was looking forward to returning to the ceremonies God had ordained. He wanted everything to be the way God had meant things to be. It was close to Passover time, which had not been observed properly for a very long time. King Hezekiah sent letters out to all of the people inviting them to come and celebrate Passover the right way, the way God had instructed. There wasn’t quite enough time to prepare for the large Passover celebration, so they postponed it by one month so they could be all ready for it. Hezekiah didn’t want to have to wait an entire year to celebrate Passover.

The letters that were sent out were received with mixed responses; some scorned the letter and ridiculed the messengers, while others humbled themselves and returned to Jerusalem. A great crowd gathered in Jerusalem for the 7 day feast, and there was much rejoicing. At the end of the 7 days they all agreed to keep it going for another 7 days!
Those that gathered were unified in their desire to carry out what King Hezekiah said to do. They smashed the idols and places of worship to the false gods. The people were turning their hearts back to God.

King Hezekiah encouraged the people to return to sincere and proper worship of God. He gave from his own possessions for burnt offerings, and he sought God in all of the work he did in the temple.

genealogy of jesusAfter all of their glorious restoring and worshiping, the enemy attacked. The King of Assyria came with armies to invade the land. Hezekiah reminded the people of the power of God and encouraged them to trust in Him and not fear the size of the enemy army.

The King of Assyria laughed at the people. What fools he thought they were! He wrote a letter ridiculing the people and he asked them what they were basing their confidence in that they would remain in the city while it was under siege. His army was big and strong and he thought he could conquer them without a problem.

Hezekiah took the letter from the King of Assyria into the temple of God. He spread it out before the Lord and poured out his heart to God, pleading for His help so that all would know that He is the one true God.

Hezekiah was basing his confidence in the one true God. God delivered Hezekiah and his people; He sent an angel to destroy the Assyrian army, and in disgrace the King of Assyria fled. God had taken care of Hezekiah, His loving care and provision was so thorough.

Hezekiah’s lived out his life with confidence in God and a life desiring to honor Him. He fought with pride, but humbled himself before God when he was made aware of his pride. When Hezekiah died he was honored by all.


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