hacked {but back on track}

llyod-jones-1This space was hacked a couple of days ago. In the midst of one of our craziest seasons ever – that always seems to be the way of things. “When it rains it pours.”

I am reading a book called Spiritual Depression by Dr. D. Martin Llyod-Jones (it is so good. like, really good. if you need a Christmas gift for a Christian that enjoys reading, this is an excellent one I would highly recommend.) Anyways, the chapter I read the day of all this was on trials.

I sent the image below to several friends via text, but really I wish I could have just shared the whole chapter.


It’s no fun to have trials and crazy and error pages and whatever else pile on all at once.

But there is nothing quite like the calm assurance of knowing the loving heavenly Father that holds the whole world in His hand.

Having said that, if you came here looking for something and found the error page, I’m sorry.

If you are here now and are finding things a little off, would you leave a comment on the troubled page or send an email and let me know? I think there is going to be a lot of back end repairs to do and it would be so helpful if you let me know of the irritations and dead links and whatnot.

Many thanks!


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