David:: God Forgives :: day 8



David is a man we know well; he was a shepherd turned king. He killed a giant with just a sling and a stone. He was best friends with Jonathan, King Saul’s son. King Saul tried many times to kill David. David wrote many of the psalms and he was called a man after God’s own heart.

David loved the Lord, but he was still a sinful man. Something very special about David was that he was quick to repent of his sin. When David would realize that he had done wrong he would confess it to God and ask for forgiveness. It is a wonderful example to us.

One night when the country was at war David was home at his palace. A king’s place is with his soldiers, but this night David was in the comforts of home. He found himself pacing back and forth on his roof, unable to sleep. Back and forth he walked, his eyes wandering the buildings around him. Suddenly, he stopped. There, on another rooftop, was a beautiful woman. ‘I must have her!’ he thought to himself. “Who is she?” he asked his servant.
“That is Bathsheba, she is the wife of Uriah who is away fighting in your battle.”
“Go get her for me,” David ordered.

And just like that, this king chosen by God chose to sin. He took another man’s wife for himself and she became pregnant with his child.

David was desperate to hide his sin – he had Bathsheba’s husband put in the very front of the battle so that he would be sure to die, and then he married Bathsheba.

But we can’t hide our sin. God always knows. And he knew what David had done.

God sent his messenger Nathan to David to confront him about his great sin, and David broke down in grief and confessed his sin.

“I have sinned against the Lord!” This great king and warrior recognized and confessed his own sin. And God forgave him – He always does forgive when confession and repentance is made.

A very sad consequence to David’s sin was that the baby he fathered with Bathsheba died. Shortly after Bathsheba became pregnant with another son, and this one was born healthy and strong. They named the baby Solomon.

One of David’s desires was to build a temple to the Lord, a permanent place of worship to the One true God, but because he had been a warrior and fought so many battles and killed so many people God said no, the temple building would be done by Solomon, who would become the king of Israel when David died.

Since David couldn’t do the actual building he collected provisions for the beginning of the temple. David collected gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, stone, and skilled craftsmen, and they were all left for Solomon to use in the building of the temple.


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