Adventure & the Lie


Three long sighs emitted from the small body. The build up to something grand.
“I know how to make an adventure start,” he shared. “I just need to run away.”
“Oh? What type of adventure do you anticipate facing when you run away?” I try very hard not to attribute emotions to questions. Most often I fight amusement.
“Well, I know for sure I would come across bears. I plan on sleeping in the wild, after all.”
“Oh yes, yes. Of course. Certainly there will be bears. What other adventures do you think you might have?”
“I will go hungry for a little while. Until I figure things out…” his voice drifted into his thoughts and I pried no further.

It is such a treasure to be given these glimpses into their thoughts and imaginings.

Mostly because I am their mother and find all stages of their development to be beautiful and fascinating.
But also because their perspective of the world often parallels with my own journey through it.

In the innocence of juvenile enthusiasm he wants to run away to find adventure.
The innocence will fade and the childishness will mature.
But at the core of his being there will always be a tug towards adventure.

We are made for that – we were, after all, not made for this world.
There is something more, something of eternity, tugging at the core of each of our souls.

The lie will be that he has to run away to find adventure.
It is the lie we all face.

It is the lie that I face.

The lie that the task I┬áhave before me isn’t enough or it is too much.
The lie that I will find something better if I run from the responsibilities my day contains.

Running away doesn’t have to look like a backpack haphazardly stuffed with granola bars, a favorite stuffed animal, and a flashlight.
Running away doesn’t have to look like a final, furtive glance back at the house and a resolute step forward into the unknown world.

It can be in the corners of my mind – the imaginings of a more adventurous life if only things were different.
It can come in the form of a book that tangles me deep in the web of the story, keeping me from facing my own unromantic sink of dishes.
It can occur as I scroll through beautifully curated instagram feeds.

This lie gets fed and it grows and it breeds discontentment and begs me to not show up in my day, for my family, in my home, with my chores and leaves me yearning for a falsely perceived adventure that I was never meant to live and that isn’t as glamorous as it appears.

And God bids us to come and follow Him. To seek Him and know Him and be anchored in His truths – not a changing of circumstances, but a changing of the heart.
A pursuit of the One who can fully satisfy, rather than the pursuit of shifting trends and shallow dreams.

“You make known to me the path of life;
in Your presence there is fullness of joy;
at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
-Psalm 16:11


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