75lbs of Tomatoes & a Goodwill Outlet

adventuresI have had this day dreamed up for awhile now – a lot of little stops at places of interest to me, with Paul alongside. I know I would have quit the adventures much earlier had he not been there – plus he carried my 75lbs of tomatoes that I ended up purchasing! (As I am writing this, I realized I took no pictures of us through the fun, and very few of what we did! oops.)

It was a fun day, we accomplished all I had hoped, and we had lots of great conversations. The question that took up most of our 2.5 hours in the car was;
What are the top one or two traits/skills/character qualities you feel are the most important to possess?

We both enjoy keeping a list of questions to ask each other as the time permits, and it is always fun when we have hours to talk. The boys jumped in a little bit on the conversation, but mostly just read and chatted to themselves. They, of course, had to come too. They were great sports about it. At the end of our busy day we thanked them for coming along.

“It’s not like we had a choice!” they laughed.

“Maybe not,” I answered. “But you did get to choose your attitude, and your attitudes were cheerful all day.”

When I hear the term strong willed, that is what I think of. It is a strength of the will to maintain a good attitude in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Anyways. Our trip took us to Columbia, SC. There were a few places I have been wanting to visit, and it was so much more fun with Paul along.

First up was the ReHab store. It is much larger and cleaner than ours here. I picked up a couple books at .25 for our personal collection. We didn’t spend a lot of time there – it was mostly a curiosity stop to see if it is a worthwhile place for sourcing in the future. We determined it would be a worthwhile place to visit more often.

Next up was a wonderful farmers market. I don’t make the trip out there very often but I do always try to make a point of going in the summer time. They carry all different types of watermelon, and for the past several years we have bought lots of different varieties just for fun.
One of the farmers was telling me that there is a purple watermelon out there now! He hasn’t yet seen it, but said he wants to grow it next year.
Prices vary a lot between the different sellers and I kind of got suckered in to buying from a farmer that I liked instead of buying from the cheapest. But still – in the end I got almost 20 watermelon for $24, so I am not complaining. Now that I dehydrate them I wanted to stock up.
I also picked up some tomatoes for dehydrating, cucumbers for pickling, and purple peppers because they looked pretty.tomatoes
My dehydrator isn’t going to get a break over the next many days! I managed to squeeze 15lbs of tomatoes in the dehydrator this evening, and have 60 lbs left to go! And then I will tackle those watermelon.

Our next stop was at a Goodwill Outlet. This was the highlight of the trip for me.
I have been curious about outlet stores for awhile now – they sell their goods by the pound. The items are loosely organized – books in one bin, clothing (ALL sizes and types) in another bin, shoes in yet another, and “household goods” (basically – everything else) in another. And when I say “bin” there were multiple bins for each category.

goodwill outletIt was CRAZY. If you are already on the fence about shopping at second hand stores, you will totally hate this place. I was borderline fascinated and creeped out. Clothing, shoes, and bags were $1.19/lb. Books were $0.25/lb. and everything else was “special priced” – you had to ask and usually it was $1.

I had the hardest time figuring out where and how to look at the clothes. Some are literally tangled around each other. I just wanted to fold and sort everything for them.

It was, again, primarily a stop to see if it was a worthwhile sourcing site for the future. We spent about an hour looking and spent about $20, which was mostly spent on books.

Our final stop was a little out of the way discount grocery store. It wasn’t really worthwhile. We have been to some neat ones in different states, but this one wasn’t very exciting. But, it was something I had wanted to check out for a while, so that was nice to get done and know that I never need to wonder about it again. ha.


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  1. That sounds like a great day! As a person who often has a running list of little out of the way places I would love to check out, the idea of a family day where you can make that list a little shorter sounds very satisfying:)

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