Bible Journaling | favorite tools

I wanted to share some of my favorite tools/resources for Bible journaling – it’s something I love looking at, and I do a tiny little bit of it in my Bible, though I totally prefer note taking and do very minimal artistic expression. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring […] Read More

Life and death

Life and death. Life and death; two joys and pains that are woven through all of history. It was a car full of life, laughter, spills and stinky feet that made its way north this weekend. An early Friday morning emerging from a hotel had my youngest muttering; “It is […] Read More

Lidl Grocery Coming Soon (ish)

I can barely contain my excitement. Which, come to think of it, be a little bit pathetic as this heightened sense of enthusiasm stems from the fact that a new grocery store is opening up in town. In a year. But still. When you hit thirty, grocery stores are about […] Read More

the gift of friendship

I was 14. Maybe 15. A friend I had met at camp, amidst the rolling hills of green and woodsy Pennsylvania, thought I should meet Heather, a friend she had met at a camp in Florida. Me, in the outskirts of Toronto. Her, in sunny California. (and, for irony sake […] Read More

I Don’t Know How to be Smart

I stood watching him pound his fingers hard and fast over the piano keys, his brows furrowed in concentration, his tune without skill or purpose. “Do you like how I play?” he haltingly asked. I had known him for all of ten minutes, and admired his open vulnerability and at […] Read More

The Year I Decided to Talk to Strangers

We stood in a long line, empty bellies waiting to be filled, their boyish whistling tunes passing the time. The man in front of us turned and smiled bright; “Your whistling makes me feel brave and like I could whistle in public too.” And he joined them for a few […] Read More

His Grace Toward Me

I sat at my desk, deep in thought as the gentle breeze lent a slight chill to the room. The children played in another room, their laughter wafting up occasionally as they chattered. Suddenly, the peacefulness of the moment was shattered as a string of vile words rose in anger […] Read More

Christmas Day Brunch

Our Christmas day brunch was a win for the parents again – #operationfeedthemorrisboys resulted in the parents having more food than the kids could eat. (And, days worth of leftovers.) It’s such a fun tradition, something all four of us get into – the boys anticipating how much food they […] Read More