Pencils and Talking and No One is Listening

The boys were given these pencils and, curious about how they worked, asked us as we drove home in the dark. “They’re pretty fun,” I started. “You use the lead and once it breaks you pull the white piece from the top and put it in the bottom. Then you […] Read More

Birthday Gifts | yard sales weekend #3

We hit up a couple neighborhood yard sales – there seemed to be a communal agreement amongst the majority of the homes today; “Let’s see if we can sell the items that we ought to throw in the trash.” Combined with a “Anything that is somewhat nice should be priced […] Read More

13 Tips for Shopping Yard Sales

Some are raised on the classics. Others, on NASCAR. I was raised on yard sales. My mom once hit a fire hydrant as she was slowly driving by a yard sale – eyes peeled for treasure, instead of on the road. My aunt once bought a huge box of Lego […] Read More

Planting Moringa Seeds

March 2nd I planted my Moringa seeds – I planted my new PKM1 variety moringa seeds from A Healthy Leaf and then also planted some leftover seeds from last summer … not sure how well those old ones will do, but I wanted a side by side comparison of the […] Read More

The Early Bird Gets … Weekend yard sales #2

This week I did something I have never done before – hit the opening of two different sales (first, a 7am sale and then an 8am sale). I have always gone early, but have never been one of the first to examine the goods … What a fun experience! I […] Read More

Beautiful Feet Books Journey – term 3 & 4

It’s been a while since I posted about our journey through Beautiful Feet Books for our history. I didn’t mean to take such a long break, it’s just that when you are a part of the journey – living very much in the moment of it – it can be […] Read More

The Highs and the Lows || weekend yard sales #1

 There is nothing quite like the highs and lows that come from other people’s cast off junk. It’s embarrassing that I should ascribe any feeling at all to such adventures, but I will share anyway. I watch enviously what others have snatched up before me. Even if I would never […] Read More

Bountiful Baskets ||| Georgia

Years ago we participated in Bountiful Baskets (or a similar food coop, I can’t recall.) It was great back then, but we had too much on our plate and I couldn’t balance it all so I dropped it for that season … Then life took over and I forgot all […] Read More


There is a beautiful collection of verses in the middle of Psalm 112 that have been nourishment to my soul many an occasion. Verse 6-8: “For the righteous will never be moved; he will be remembered forever. He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in […] Read More

Happy Day Mr. Mailman

<sharing from the archives> We use to have a mailman we loved. He was as predictable as the sun is sure to rise. He was precise, and we never knew of any mistakes he made in his deliveries. He was friendly to the children and to me. We would leave […] Read More