Synopsis of Notes :: part 2

I use to wonder at older Christians who would say “the longer I walk with God the more I see how sinful I am.” I didn’t get it. And it isn’t that I fully grasp it now, but I do know the more I consider the holiness of God the […] Read More

Synopsis of Notes :: part 1

How easy is it to settle for good when our Lord calls for our all? How easy is it to offer sacrifices that actually cost us nothing? How is it that we can so easily be distracted by the details of our every day and forget that, only one heartbeat away, […] Read More

Christmas Morning

Wesley woke us just after 7 – he had been instructed to stay in bed until it was light and the moment the light peaked through the windows he was in our room, eager for the day to begin. We went downstairs together and opened stockings – we wrap and […] Read More

Christmas Lights Awards ~ printable

A very favorite thing to do with my boys is go around our neighborhood and look at Christmas lights and show a little appreciation to our favorite decorated homes. I wrote about our first year doing it and how Wesley chose a factory to award the prize to {a precious memory […] Read More

Root-Deer Floats

I saw someone else’s Root-“deer” floats on instagram last week and knew they would be a perfect Christmas treat for my boys and then for last nights Christmas party, alongside my very favorite Snowmen Floats. I made, printed and framed these festive images for each of the drink stations – […] Read More

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar is the sweetest accompaniment for homemade vanilla. I read about it and, being unconvinced, made a small batch to test it out. It is fabulous! Added to baking or to your morning coffee it adds a faint vanilla flavor. For gifting I used organic sugar – perhaps it […] Read More

Cinnamon & Applesauce Ornaments

Every year the boys and I enjoy making ornaments together to give to others – they make them for their friends, for sick or elderly and for our neighbors. One sweet neighbor has kept every single craft they have made for her over the past 3.5 years of neighboring next […] Read More

Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Are you familiar with washi tape? It’s kind of my favorite. Right on up there is fabric tape, which is also making an appearance in some of these pictures. Washi tape is fun – it comes in so many different colors and styles and widths and has found many uses […] Read More

Eggnog French Toast

While shopping at Costco a little while ago my little shopping companion was given a sample of Eggnog french toast. He loved it and begged me to make some for everyone in the family to enjoy. This past weekend I decided to make it for that day’s special activity – a fun […] Read More