In the Stillness

Our feet clomped along the wooden boardwalk, breath heavy from a good couple miles under our belt. We chattered and admired and tried to find ripened blackberries along the way. We dodged darting dragonflies and congratulated ourselves on recognizing owl pellets, while simultaneously gagging over the squished contents. When we […] Read More

Summer Break | Weekly Activity Sheet

I had told the boys they could have a two week break and then I would start our summer plans … three days in to it and they were dying for a little bit of structure. After last summers Summer Suitcase of Fun I knew I wanted something similar and […] Read More

The Truth About Feelings

I shared the following account a few years ago … and I have found that the words the Lord gave me to nourish a hurting little boys heart have been the words He has used to nourish my own. Is it truth? There are many things in our day to […] Read More

Teaching Kids the 10 Commandments

I teach K-2nd grade Sunday School and the past couple weeks we have been looking at Moses and the 10 Commandments. I wanted to find a way to help the kids easily remember the 10 Commandments. I spent ages looking up ideas online and finally found this finger trick on […] Read More

Buy the Koolaid (but don’t drink it) | yard sales #5

    Picked up lots more Nerf stuff, averaged out to $1/piece. There were a few nerf bows too that didn’t make it in the pictures. The boys get to pick a prize each week for chores, so these types of things are perfect for the prize basket. The nicer ones […] Read More

The hungry baby birds

You can’t see the third egg, but it is in there somewhere. A mama bird thoughtfully built her nest right next to our front door – choosing my hanging planter as the perfect home for her new family. Three tiny baby birds. We spent the last few weeks watching closely […] Read More

Beautiful Feet Books Notebooks | how to

A highlight for our school adventure this year has been the delightful journey through Beautiful Feet Books Early American History. The collection of books are such a treat to read through – some had previously shown up as bedtime stories and now we were using them as part of our […] Read More

Slim pickings || Yard sales #4

Last week as I periodically checked in with the yard sale app I like to use this is what I saw (minus the erased streets and black lines!) Yard sales were slim. I debated whether it was even worth heading out, but in the end opted to go to a […] Read More