Preserving Basil

My potted garden has included basil for a few years now, and it happens to grow prolifically for me. A couple of years ago I did some reading about pruning basil and that makes such a HUGE difference! I am not so confident in my pruning skills that I could […] Read More

75lbs of Tomatoes & a Goodwill Outlet

I have had this day dreamed up for awhile now – a lot of little stops at places of interest to me, with Paul alongside. I know I would have quit the adventures much earlier had he not been there – plus he carried my 75lbs of tomatoes that I […] Read More

DIY : Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

It is almost the start of a brand new school year, which means a brand new school planner! It’s one of my very favorite things to sit and organize and put together for myself. This years has more changes from last year – it’s going to take me a little […] Read More

In Which Ideas for Teaching Sunday School are Explored

We have a generation of children in our churches who are growing up in a world that looks much different than the world of their parents. And yet, they are living at exactly the time they need to be, equipped to reach their own generation in a way their parents […] Read More

Dehydrating Watermelon | watermelon candy

I have waited ALL YEAR LONG for the return of the watermelons. Near the end of last years watermelon season we discovered the wonder of dehydrating watermelons – and while it feels slightly silly to write about it because it is literally as simple as slicing and dehydrating, I have […] Read More

Roasted Fig & Mascarpone Bruschetta

It’s my favorite food season – fresh figs are dripping off the trees. Well, off a tree. We have precisely one we pick from. I hadn’t tasted a fresh fig until last summer when a neighbor offered me some from her tree. Wow! I had no idea that they were […] Read More

Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals

It is Amazon Prime Day! Maybe you missed it, but they have been marketing this day for a while now and they have many people excited about it! I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon Prime Day deals. I’ve been up since 5 (NOT for Prime Day!) and […] Read More

10 Favorite Books for 7 Year Olds

We have said goodbye to the age of seven, and in honor of that here are our favorite books for seven year olds! (and here is favorite books for age 4, favorite books for age 5, and favorite books for age 6.) Gentle Ben by Walt Morey- This was perhaps MY personal favorite to have […] Read More

Celebrate today 

He giggled a little before he verbalized his carefully curated request. “Can we eat pie tonight? After all, today is the only day like this! We should celebrate it!” Celebrate it. Celebrate today. This day. The mundane, ordinary simplicity of a midweek evening made notable by a humble pie, stuffed […] Read More