Fats in the Smoothies

Continuing in the series I started on what we put in our smoothies you’ll remember I wrote about the greens that we use as well as the liquids. 

While you wouldn’t have a green smoothie without the greens fats are perhaps the most important element of a green smoothie.

Fats are necessary to aid in the digestion of your food. You do not want to leave this out of your smoothie. I asked my MIL to explain this and here’s what she said;

Fat helps the body to absorb minerals and of course we cannot absorb the “fat soluble” vitamins, A, E, D, and K without some fat in our diets. Dark leafy greens are a source of vitamin K and some beta carotene for which we also need fat to convert to vitamin A! Coconut oil is one of the better oils to use in a shake because of the taste as well as it’s extremely healthy range of healing fatty acids. Coconut milk is easier to use and still has a lot of the oil in it. Egg yolk will supply some healthy fat as well as protein, folic acid and A (and D, if they are pastured eggs) as well as other nutrients.

Some of the sources of fats that we use include;

– coconut oil

– coconut milk

-raw egg yolk


-cod liver oil

-flax seed

For the past three months we have primarily used coconut oil as a source of fat for our smoothies, adding a few tablespoons to each smoothie. We originally purchased a 1 gallon tub from Mountain Rose Herb and have since purchased a 5 gallon tub as it works out to be a bit cheaper. This is the cheapest source of virgin cold pressed coconut oil that we have been able to find, but it is still quite pricey and the shipping is steep! But we have decided it is a worthwhile investment of our money and it’s been worked into the grocery budget. You can purchase coconut oil in smaller quantities from a variety of online sources if you want to try it out for your family but don’t wish to commit to the price of a gallon tub. I haven’t priced it at our local health food store, but it may be worth while to purchase from the local store and save on shipping.

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