The Flood of Noah

noahs-floodThe Flood of Noah, Legends and Lore of Survival was sent to me as part of the Mom’s of Master Books review team, and having recently studied through the story of Noah with my Bible study group, this book was especially interesting to me.

It is a comfortably large size, which they have used to showcase beautiful illustrations and a scaled model of the ark. This is an interactive book, with dials to spin, flaps to open, and little books inserted inside. It is an aesthetically appealing book, and it holds your attention throughout the book. This is so important – there are so many books that have quality content and yet fail to captivate you with poor layout, lack of quality images or binding – this one is simply beautiful and I am happy to have it on our shelf and to use with the boys. noahs-flood-1

The Flood of Noah, Legends and Lore of Survival gives just enough information without it being overwhelming – and then sources all their content for further study. There are so many interesting details in this book – similarities between flood legends, names of Noah and his wife in various cultures, ancient maps of Noah’s Ark and legends from different cultures. It isn’t simply a Christian view on cultural references to the flood, it also presents a clear salvation message.

More details on the book can be seen in this trailer;

While I was sent this product free to review, as with all products I agree to review I thoroughly research them before agreeing to receive them to make sure they are something I would purchase. Them being free does not in any way influence my opinion of the product.

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