My Boys

DSC1108 512x340 My Boys

I adore their imaginations.

They have this incredible ability to entertain themselves for hours on end with little more than a kitchen spoon to inspire them.

Or to spend an entire morning rolling around on the living room floor and chasing each other from room to room.

DSC1092boys 340x512 My Boys

DSC1100boys 340x512 My Boys

DSC1101boys 340x512 My Boys

They have the most vivid of dreams and each morning they passionately share the previous nights adventures with me.

It is one of my morning highlights – to sit at the table and listen to them share about these dreams.

The accounts are unique enough that I do think they are true dreams and not just made up imagination stories.

DSC1105boys 340x512 My Boys

Judah told me that last night he was a cup of water and that people kept picking him up and pouring him down the drain but each time he was poured down the drain he would just giggle and end up right back in the glass again.

DSC1115boys 438x512 My Boys

Wesley told me he dreamed that he was a dog that could sing “E-I-E-I-O” and that crowds of people would cheer for him each time he, as a dog, would perform.

DSC1117boys 512x340 My Boys


I don’t know what inspires these crazy dreams, but they are delightful.

I need to start writing them down because each one is unique and charming and laughter inducing.

Paul and I enjoy a silent laugh as they share with us.

DSC1120boys 512x340 My Boys

DSC1123boys1 512x340 My Boys

I am thankful for boys.

I am thankful for my boys.

DSC1124boys1 512x340 My Boys

Jessica Lynette

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  1. They look like such fun – I bet my kiddos would love to hang out with them :D

    Gwen has yet to let me in on a dream. I ask her sometimes if she's been dreaming if she wakes up crying or something, but she's never able to articulate it. I can't wait to be let in on her dream world!

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