Frozen Fruit Grape Treats

grapes-7This was originally written two years ago, but I thought I would revisit this post. Last week Aldi had grapes for $1/lb and we bought 24 lbs for our freezer. 


grapes-6Frozen fruit a refreshing and favorite treat in our house. We found an incredible deal on grapes this past week – on managers special for .70 cents a pound! We picked up 18 lbs to wash and freeze for snacks and smoothies. While laying out the grapes on trays to freeze I had an idea – what if I slid the grapes onto skewer sticks and froze them that way?!

I tried out just a few at first to make sure it worked well and we liked them – and we do!grapes-5

Slide the grapes down, leaving just enough space to hold the skewer when eating.grapes-4

The grapes squirt out a little bit of juice when they are pierced – they squirt less if you push the skewer through where the stem once was.grapes-3

Line the skewed grapes on a plate to go in the freezer.

Lay in the freezer for at least a few hours – ours were left overnight so I am not certain how long it takes for grapes to freeze.

Hand frozen grape sticks to the children. Don’t forget to call it a grape Popsicle.grapes-1

If super heroes live in your house share some with them too. They do, after all, work hard at keeping the house a safe place to live.grapes-2

Fact: Super Heroes {at least the ones that live in my house} think frozen grape Popsicles are the best food ever.

Normal children agree too.grapes

If you have never fed your kids {or self!} frozen grapes you must, must, must!! They are delicious! Eating them off a stick is just a little bit of fun added to the deliciousness!

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4 Replies to “Frozen Fruit Grape Treats

  1. This has been one of the girls FAVORITE things to make and eat for a few years now. They discovered it after I got one of those fruit arrangements for my bday. We had a ton of plastic skewers left, so they have been put to good use! Enjoyed the pics! Great idea! Where was the sale??

  2. So cute…I haven't eaten these in years, in fact I forgot about them! Thanks for the reminder! I'm doing pretty well adjusting to two…and lack of sleep right now but I'm managing!

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