Crayon Flooding – Round 2

DSC0720picture 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2

We needed some wall art for our church nursery so I offered to do a crayon flooding piece. I did the crayon flooding a little bit differently this time than last time I did crayon flooding so I thought I would photograph and share the steps here.

I started with a 16x 20 canvas – these routinely go on sale at Michael’s 5 for $15 and when they do I buy a pack – it’s a great price and I love these large canvases!

DSC0728picture 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2

I decided to hand hold the crayons for the crayon flooding – it gave me more control and I didn’t have the hassle of trying to get the crayons to stay at the top of the canvas.

DSC0734picture 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2

I lined my colors up in the order I wanted them to appear on the canvas and then just picked up the crayon as I was ready to use it.
Holding the crayon with one hand and the heat gun in the other I was able to control the stream of wax by moving the direction of hot air and changing how the crayon was tilted.

DSC0741picture 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2

The difference in the long wax pieces, the thicker wax pieces and the more 3-D wax pieces is all controlled by the direction and proximity of the heat gun and crayon.

DSC0745picture 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2

The above picture was my original creation for the church nursery wall art, but I decided it wasn’t quite to my liking and so I layered it with several other colors – and forgot to photograph the final piece!

Fun, easy and inexpensive!

DSC0728picturea 512x340 Crayon Flooding   Round 2



Jessica Lynette

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