Homemade Christmas Ornaments for kids to make :: Tin Foil Christmas Ornament


Homemade Christmas Ornaments – stained glass 

It’s almost mandatory to make Homemade Christmas Ornaments with my children each year – especially since they aren’t in school and coming home with all sorts of pasta and glue and soup lid crafts.

These Aluminum foil Ornaments are my favorite to make with the boys – they are simple, provide lots of room for creativity and are something I like see hanging on our tree. And they make perfect gift tags too!

I first started making these ornaments with the boys four years ago – this is the very first one Judah made:While they were young I would have all control over the hot glue gun, as they have matured they have started making their own patterns, but will still have me do some patterns for them as controlling hot glue is tricky!

Supplies needed for these Tin Foil Stained Glass Homemade Christmas Ornaments:

scissors or large circle paper punch
Hot glue gun
aluminum foil
Permanent markers  in a variety of colors (Sharpie)
Black permanent marker (Sharpie)
Ribbon for hanging


1. Cut or punch card stock into circles.

2. Using the hot glue gun, make shapes on the cut out circles – random or shapes.

3. Once glue has cooled and hardened cover front with aluminum foil, folding sides over onto the back. Be gentle pushing around the raised glue, being careful not to make tears.

4. Color with a variety of permanent marker colors. Go over raised {glue} edges with black marker.

5. Glue ribbon on the back and hang from tree or attach a second piece of card stock to the back to make a clean surface and use as a gift tag.

We make these almost every year and it  is the perfect activity for little boys – it doesn’t take very long, isn’t mess, they had fun coming up with the glue shapes and they loved making something to hang on the tree or to give to people.ornaments-for-kids-to-make-tin-foil


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  1. I’ve seen your posts about these ornaments in the past and I’m not sure why we haven’t done them yet! This year instead of doing the crafts for Truth in the Tinsel, we are doing the printable ornaments because I just know that I will not have the time to keep up with the crafts this year. I think I will work this in as a replacement for the printable on one of the days.

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