The Nativity – Telling the Story With Toilet Paper Rolls


Toilet paper rolls + scraps of fabric = cutest little nativity scene.

This is a close second for my favorite activity for telling the boys the Christmas story.

We used empty toilet paper rolls, scraps of fabric I had and rubber bands to secure it all together.

The boys picked the fabric and embellishments for each character, but in order to ensure the clothes stayed on I was the one who dressed each toilet paper roll. Is that last sentence as funny to read as it was to write? “I was the one who dressed each toilet paper roll…

toilet-paper-roll-nativity-1 Once the toilet paper rolls were crafted into the nativity characters the boys told the nativity story using the characters as puppets. Three fingers slipped into the bottom of the paper towel roll makes for fabulous toilet paper roll puppets for the telling of the nativity story.

Note: Last weeks school was spent reading, acting and crafting the nativity story over and over again to reinforce what Christmas is about for us. This week I’ll be sharing a few of those activities and crafts on here for sharing the nativity story with preschoolers.


Jessica Lynette


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