The Nativity – Telling the Story With a Box

christmas-story-for-kidsWe did this last year with the nativity story and the boys loved it. I have been saving the perfect box for us to recreate the nativity story using a cardboard box.

This years Christmas Story box was tall and skinny. Perfect for turning on its side and creating a donkey for them to ride to Bethlehem {picture above}.

Any cardboard box will work for this – imagination is key! A skinny one like ours allows for the children to “ride” the donkey. A fat box allows the children to get inside it and be the shepherds looking up at the sky (draw stars and angels on the box roof) and then the shepherds visiting the manger scene (draw the stable on the inside wall).

christmas-story-innkeeperWe went through the nativity story – in our own words – drawing each character of the story on different flaps as we went, making sure the appropriate characters were able to “interact” with each other {angel had to be able to see the shepherds, shepherds had to be able to see the nativity scene, etc.}

As we would finish one scene I would prompt them to tell me what they knew of the next scene and which characters should be present in that scene.

They have since taken ownership of the box and have enjoyed playing the nativity story over and over again with the characters on the box.

This is a really fun, interactive way to share the nativity story with kids. In fact, of all the creative ways I have used to tell the story to the boys I think this is my favorite. I just have a love for cardboard boxes and depending on the size and shape of your box you have so many creative opportunities for sharing the nativity story.




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