The Left Right Game

left right game - a really fun game for distributing gifts at a gift exchangeThe Left Right game is a super fun option for parties that need a method for a gift exchange.

At our youth group Christmas party we supplied the gifts {an assortment of movie theater sized boxes of candy} but this would also work really well if everyone brought their own gift.

left right christmas game

Have the group sit in a circle, with each person holding one gift. Then have a non-part

icipating person read the following story and each time the word RIGHT is read the gift gets passed to the right. Each time the word LEFT is read it gets passed to the left. Easy and fun!

We weren’t exactly sure who all would be showing up for our Christmas party otherwise I would have worked everyone’s name into the story.
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The Left Right Story

Mr. Right, Mrs. Right and the two Right children rushed right out their front door and into their car.

“I am so excited to be going shopping” said Mrs. Right. “I have so much shopping left to do.”

“I don’t have a lot left to do,” said Mr. Right, as he backed right out their driveway and turned left; “but I do enjoy looking at all the Christmas decorations.”

“Us too!” called the two Right children.

“I love all the lights.” Said the oldest Right child.

“I love the smells,” said the youngest Right child.

The Right family arrived at the mall right at what appeared to the same time as the entire town!

Mr. Right turned right down one lane and left onto another – he couldn’t find a single parking spot left to park in!

“Well,” started Mrs. Right “Since there appears to be no parking left maybe we should go right back home right now.”

Mr. Right agreed and turned right to head right back home.

Mrs. Right continued “I guess all the shopping that I have left to do will have to wait until another day.”

Mr. Right drove the car back into the drive way and parked the car right where he had left from only a few minutes before.

“Yay! We are home! We can go right back to where we left off our video game!” cried the Right children, and they ran right into the house and left their parents to close their car doors.

A printable PDF of the Left Right story is available here.

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  1. This looks so fun along with the mystery dinner. I’m thinking that I’ll be using this game for my daughter’s next craft club meeting where I had planned to give out a little gift to each girl.

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