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NOVEMBER 2014 :: Please check this post on the Genealogy of Jesus Christ for the updated version

The greatest love story ever recorded is that of the Lord Jesus Christ giving His life for us – all while we were in a sinful, ugly condition.

His birth was planned from the beginning of time and when Adam and Eve sinned He was promised as the coming Savior. All throughout the Old Testament there are people, pictures and prophecy that point to the coming King.

But when He does finally come it isn’t to a royal palace or with great fanfare as the Jews were expecting. Rather, as a fulfillment of prophecy, He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem and His humble beginning was in a manager. Not where one would expect to find a highly anticipated king!

His family tree is recorded for us in two of the gospels – Matthew and Luke. One traces Mary’s lineage and the other Joseph’s. Both assert that His earthly parents were of royal descent.

In Matthew Joseph’s lineage is traced, starting with Abraham. For this countdown to Christmas twenty five of these characters have been chosen from this list of names and a little bit of their story has been shared. This is the tiniest glimpse into the lives of some of these men and women in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. Last year I shared these stories on here, one each day.

This year I have compiled all of the stories into one pdf for easier use. I have added questions for discussion to the end of each days reading that I hope will be helpful in engaging discussions and reinforcing what is being learned.

There are two files – one has images in it and the other does not. Most of the images are from old art pieces and I feel add a bit of personality to the characters. I would recommend this pdf for use on a mobile device or tablet so you can share the images with your children.
The pdf without images I would recommend for printing, if you desire a hard copy.

The text only PDF of the Genealogy of Jesus Christ is available here

The graphic and text PDF of the Genealogy of Jesus Christ is available here 

The Genealogy of Jesus - 25 stories, 25 days. A count down to Christmas.

It is my desire to give a little life to the verses in Matthew 1 that otherwise seem dry. What we see in Matthew 1 is a long list of names – but they aren’t just names. They are people with stories; adventures they have been through, and the goodness and mercy of God seen throughout the lives of these people.

My idea in writing this series with 25 characters from Abraham to the Lord Jesus is that from December 1 – December 25 a story would be read each day, counting down to Christmas day, the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. Our family has painted wooden clothes pins to represent each of the 25 characters – a similar, tangible illustration for the genealogy might be helpful for your family too. A few questions have been included at the end of each days reading. Please adapt this to meet the needs of your own family.

{I would highly recommend the book with audio cd The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats – it is a catchy song of the Genealogy of the Lord Jesus and is what inspired me to do this in the first place! It is really just the list of names with a couple little details thrown in every now and then to help keep the rhyme going, but it I love how approachable the long list of names in Matthew has become to my children!}


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  1. Thank you for this! I just downloaded the printable, it looks great! I am very excited to go through this with my little ones 🙂

  2. Yay! I wanted to do this with my kids this year after I followed along last year. Thanks for putting it all in one place. We just revamped our morning routine and will be reading this around the breakfast table for the month of December:)

  3. I love this! This is going to be a new part of our December celebration. My two new children will benefit with the simplicity and visuals. I am very excited!!! This is quite a gift. Speechless……

  4. Such an incredible and amazing job you’ve done!!! Last year I’ve made for my kids the Bible Verses advent calendar, and in each day we would real together a Bible verse that would tell us the real Christmas story. It will be great working the genealogy of Jesus this year!! Thanl you so much for the inspiration, for all the work you’ve shared with us and, of course, for being a bless!

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