Simple & Sweet Homemade Gifts

simple and sweet homemade gifts - a collection of ideasI love, love, love homemade gifts and Pinterest has become such a wonderful tool for finding and storing ideas for homemade gifts, but sometimes I feel like my ideas get a little lost on there. I wanted to share some of my very favorite homemade gifts – either ones we have made and gifted (or kept for ourselves!), or homemade gifts that are on my to-make list.homemade-gifts

To start, my very favorite gift presentation – wouldn’t it be adorable for a child? (I think it would be adorable for ME!)homemade-gifts-1(found on Pinterest, but haven’t been able to track down an original source)

simple and sweet homemade gift ideas(Infused Oil from Tasty Yummies – I have had such fun with this. I have used herbs from my garden, homemade sun dried tomatoes, and even cinnamon sticks. So many interesting options!)

homemade gifts(Illustrations on slices of wood)

simple and sweet homemade gift ideas

(Flower Bulbs From Domaphile)

Simple and sweet homemade gift ideas

(Applesauce ornaments From here – first made a few years ago these have beautifully held their scent!)

collection of homemade gift ideas

(Watercolor Clock From Makers Society)

homemade gift ideas(Hanging Planters From A Beautiful Mess)

sweet and simple homemade christmas gifts(Vanilla Extract From here – a favorite gift for giving it keeping for personal use!)

simple and sweet homemade gifts
(Vanilla Sugar From here – super cute with a hot beverage basket. It’s a unique and simple treat.)

sweet and simple homemade gift ideas(Animal Bookends From Natalme)

sweet and simple homemade gifts(Glitter Metallic Jar From Lillyshop)

sweet and simple homemade gifts(Rose Water From A Beautiful Mess)

homemade gifts
(Raw Crystal Necklace Display)

I do have a few more I had planned to add to this list, but unfortunately our computer is dying and my images are on it. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will have a few more sweet and simple homemade gift ideas to add to this list.

And I would LOVE to hear about what some of your favorites might be!

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