Root-Deer Floats

rootdeer-floats-5I saw someone else’s Root-“deer” floats on instagram last week and knew they would be a perfect Christmas treat for my boys and then for last nights Christmas party, alongside my very favorite Snowmen Floats.

I made, printed and framed these festive images for each of the drink stations – downloads are available for each.rootdeer-floats-1

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT root-deer floats here


DOWNLOAD AND PRINT the snowman floats here

A bottle of root-beer turned root-deer with pipe cleaner antlers and a red pompom.
root-deer-floatsA bowl of cherries for noses {not popular with the girls, but my boys would have finished the bowl had I let them! and I thought they were cute.} Paper straws, not photographed, were the finishing touch. root-deer-floats-1 root-deer-floats-2 root-deer-floats-3

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  1. So, so cute, Jessica! Your snowman floats have already become one of our traditions…and now these will as well! Think we’ll be bringing them to our Christmas eve sleepover at grandma’s house to share with cousins!! Thank you for the idea and the cute printables!!

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