Our Thanksgiving

It was a delightful day and we were able to share with with five others that came to our home for the meal and a time of conversation.

Two of our guests were 80 year old missionaries to Zambia, currently in the US on furlough. It is such an encouragement and challenge to sit with faithful, steady servants of the Lord and we all enjoyed hearing their stories. The other three guests brought a lot of our Thanksgiving feast with them – it was such a fun way to celebrate; sharing in the preparation of the meal and then sharing in the company of one another over the delicious meal.

I had my own set of helpers for the dishes I prepared. Sometimes they are more helpful than other times, but I want to encourage their willing hearts and their enjoyment of being in the kitchen. One day their skills will mature, and I want to have enthusiastically walked with them through the learning times so that they will still have a desire to be in the kitchen at that point.

Doesn’t everyone lick butter wrappers? I think this is the true reason they enjoy being in the kitchen – they sample *everything*.

Part of our cooking included making these shortbread cookies. If you like shortbread these are my very favorite!

Paul had pulled a long work shift the night before Thanksgiving, and woke shortly before our company arrived to help with some last minute prep, but for the most part the boys and I were on our own to get things ready and they were great helpers. I am so thankful for their eagerness to help and how seriously they take Paul’s charge to them to ‘take care’ of me as he is away from us so much these days with work.

Our evening ended with the setting up of our Christmas tree; something that gets more and more fun the older the boys get and the more they take charge of annual traditions.
Sickeningly sweet eggnog while we set up the tree to cheesy Christmas songs? There couldn’t have been a better ending to a wonderful Thanksgiving day with friends.

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  1. My boys don't stop at licking the wrapper! I am constantly catching them with fingers in the butter…and batter ;0) looks like a GREAT Thanksgiving together!

    1. 🙂 I wish our boys lived near each other!! It would just be so perfect; we\’d have each other and they would have each other!!

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