Learning the Christmas Story by Play

CHRISTMAS-STORY-AND-PLAYOne of my favorite things each Christmas season is the craft we make to go over the Christmas story – they are super simple crafts and it is sweet to see the boys understanding of the story growing. Each year we make the characters from the Christmas story and then play act with the characters – play is such an essential part of learning. They usually put on a play for us and that is where we can see what they know and what they might not understand and then later we might gently fill in gaps.

This week we are finishing off this years Christmas story craft and I will share it soon {it’s my FAVORITE!! Horrid old Jenga blocks got converted!}, but in the meantime here are some of the simple Christmas crafts we have made in the past to help them learn through play what the true meaning of Christmas is.

christmas-story-paintchipRemember when paint samples were all the rage?? I had collected some and couldn’t figure out what to do with them … until I was inspired to make finger puppets! It was perfect and super simple. You can see more about the paint sample finger puppets here.christmas-story-stickersStickers put on heavy card stock (and later with magnets added on) was a fun and very simple activity for going over the Christmas story. More on that here.toilet-paper-roll-nativityThese toilet paper roll characters are probably my favorite of the Christmas crafts from the past! They take a little time to prep for as you need enough rolls to cover the cast of characters, but they are really cute for little ones to make and take no skill!Untitled-1This telling of the Christmas story using a cardboard box has probably been the most fun activity for the boys. I did this one several times when they were really little and so did all the drawing for it myself. If I find a large enough box for them to get into I will repeat it this year and I would have them do the drawings for it. It is a pretty fun and interactive way to tell the story that can be easily adapted.

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