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a2006 005 Gifts For Boys Boys are all sorts of wild and crazy and fun – which makes gift shopping for them both incredibly fun and rewarding and ridiculously challenging. 

This post has evolved over time – a collection of favorite gift items that have been given to us or that we have found to gift to others or that we simple ogle over and wish we had for ourselves. 

I hope that you will find inspiration among this collection of gift ideas for the boy in your life!

Toy Ideas for Boys lego gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Lego is super popular here – a bin of plain block, a set of minifigures, a small building set or a huge set – anything Lego will be met with great joy! If you are buying for boys that are not your own a quick check in with the parents will help you determine what their boys are collecting Lego wise, and thus make a more specific purchase. puppets gift idea for boys Gifts For Boys My guys have four Melissa and Doug puppets and I can vouch for their sturdiness and the creativity they inspire. marble run gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Marble Run has been one of my favorite building toys to play with the boys. Very similar to it is Q-Ba-Maze, something I have heard rave reviews about from many friends.wooden castle gift ideas for boys1 Gifts For Boys This wooden castle set offers a lot of creativity and fun with building. We have been very happy with it, and having had a lot of experience with many sets, this one is our favorite. helicopter gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Syma Helicopter is on my radar for a gift option for this Christmas. I have only heard good things about it from those who have owned one, and the fact that it charges via a USB port means the battery expense is minimal!wooden tracks gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Wooden train tracks and trains have been a fun, well loved boyish toy in this household.

snap circuit gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Snap Circuits were introduced to our home thanks to an incredible yard sale and we LOVE them! They have been a lot of fun to play with and to build different electrical circuits. Highly recommend.

stomp rocket gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys The Stomp Rocket is another item on my list of ideas to buy for them. While I haven’t personally used it I have friends that have it and have spoken very highly of it!

Gifts for Boys of the Homemade Variety 

wooden swords gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Homemade wooden sword made from two pieces of wood and duct tape and electrical tape decor. Simple and hours of fun.


super hero cape gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Super hero cape – these made from pillow cases. Felt made ones are fabulous too.

car mat gifts for boys Gifts For Boys A homemade car mat using 9×12 pieces of felt. Decorate to your hearts content – just make sure all roads line up. Easy and fun homemade gift – packs up and is a great quiet toy! Felt purchased here.homemade fort gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Forts are always popular with kids – this is an excellent super hero fort kit! Tutorial here.

hobby horse gift idea for boys Gifts For Boys Hobby Horse {these horses live on, after almost two years. well worth the time and effort to make them! and so very charming in all their imperfections.} Instructions here. If a broomstick is needed you can find them here.

bouncy balls gifts for boys1 Gifts For Boys Bouncy Balls in a boy-ishly decorated container. Instructions here. Bouncy balls can be purchased here.


Gifts for the Book Loving Boy ::

good book gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys Books are very popular in our house. I have kept a list of favorite chapter books for boys as a handy reference and to help inspire others.

Click on the link above to see them all. A few favorites that I would highly recommend buying, tying with string, and gifting to your favorite boy would be any of the Little Pear books or The Chronicles of Narnia. Both series have been enormous hits with our boys.

Gifting Family Experiences as gifts – a great option to reduce clutter and to encourage memory making!

-Consider purchasing or giving money towards a seasons pass to a local attraction {Children’s Museum, Zoo, etc.}

kite flying gifts for boys Gifts For Boys Purchase a nice kite and spend time as a family at a local park.

A few other ideas for creating family experiences:

-A day trip to an indoor waterpark.
-New sleds for the whole family
-A special food basket to cook something together as a family
game gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys
-Games to play together {some of our favorites in link}
-The gift of time – commit a predetermine time and date to spend several hours one on one with your child. {For inspiration for inexpensive ideas to do together check my one on one date with my 4 year old son.}

Outdoor/Adventure Gift Ideas for Boys

paracord gift ideas for boys1 Gifts For Boys Paracord Gifts For Boys  – Rope is a beloved play toy for both our boys. This one is military standard and comes in your choice of fun colors!

 Gifts For Boys hammocks gift ideas for boys1 Gifts For Boys Hammocks Gifts For Boys  – We own two right now and keep one set up in the backyard for the boys to play in.

trampoline gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys I realize a trampoline is a pretty big purchase, but ours has been so worthwhile (and, happily, found cheap at a yard sale!) It has been used almost every day since we bought it 3.5 years ago!

slackline gift ideas for boys Gifts For Boys A  slackline was Christmas 2012’s big gift – it is basically like tightrope walking! Tied between two trees (and in our case, over the trampoline) it provides hours of fun and lots of laughs – and skillful balancing! I would highly recommend this for a household of children that enjoy being outdoors.


Smaller Gifts {for stockings or their friends}

$1.34 for a kids hot chocolate from Starbucks {a favorite little treat in our house now!}
A rubber band ball {these have provided hours of fun for my boys!}
Bottle of glue and a bag of googley eyes
Packs of gum
A collection of Bean Friends
Some nails, a hammer and a plank of wood

I hope this list of gift ideas for boys was able to offer inspiration to you for the boys on your shopping list!!

- In full disclosure, some of the above links are referral links -


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Jessica Lynette


  1. Love the hammocks. I couldn't find the ziplines on the website, but they did have a lot of interesting outdoor toys.

    Thanks for the list. When my son gets a bit older I'll have to remember some of these ideas.

  2. Love these…I have 2 boys so I am saving this list for future reference! Please come link up at our party going on…

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