Christmas Morning

DSC_5538Wesley woke us just after 7 – he had been instructed to stay in bed until it was light and the moment the light peaked through the windows he was in our room, eager for the day to begin.

We went downstairs together and opened stockings – we wrap and stuff together for the boys and then we do one for each other. Ours to each other is always snack type foods; it is great fun and having a theme really helps.

With stockings complete we enjoyed a simple breakfast – the boys always get breakfast items in their stocking and this year it was granola bars and drinks. We enjoyed our light breakfast by the tree and finished it off by reading of the birth and the purpose of the birth of Christ. As we normally do at the end of Bible readings, we asked the boys what they thought of it.

Judah’s answer warmed our hearts; “It makes me happy and sad. Sometimes I need to blink really fast to blink away the tears when I think about what He did for me.” DSC_5541Presents came next – we told the boys so and they dived under the tree. Both came out with their gifts for Paul. Such sweetness – they were both so eager to see his response to their hand picked gifts. Next they found the gifts they had chosen for me, and then their gifts to each other and then, finally, sat excitedly for their gifts from friends, family and us. We are spoiled rotten with thoughtfulness and love from others.DSC_5550DSC_5585After the gifts were all opened we had a large brunch. Food is a primary love language for each one of them {ha!} so I decided to fill the table to overflowing with food they enjoyed. We had gluten free cinnamon rolls, egg casserole filled with bacon, grape salad, steel cut oats with cream, cinnamon and raisins,  nuts, grapefruit, orange juice, and peppermint tea. They tackled about half the food and then left the table with tummies full. This large brunch on Christmas day is definitely going to be repeated – it was such fun to gather together over an abundance of food and linger over conversation and second, third, and fourth helpings of favorites.breakfastThis is the first year we haven’t had company on Christmas day – it was a little different being just the four of us. We played games, built Lego, they played with new toys while we read new books, and I had a long nap. I had a nice big dinner planned, but instead we just munched on snacks and finished off the large breakfast. A relaxing, quiet Christmas day spent with my people.

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year Jessica! Thanks so much for blessing us by giving us glimpses into your life.

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