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christmas-light-awardsA very favorite thing to do with my boys is go around our neighborhood and look at Christmas lights and show a little appreciation to our favorite decorated homes. I wrote about our first year doing it and how Wesley chose a factory to award the prize to {a precious memory that still makes me laugh!} It’s been four years since we started doing this, and I feel like it has lent them to think more considerately about the work people put into their Christmas lights displays – which was part of the point of this in the first place.awards-for-christmas-lights

This year I created a fun printable to use {and it’s at the very end of this as a download}. We drove through a few different neighborhoods and left chocolate and the Christmas Light Award card in the mailboxes of the homes the boys voted on. We had 6 categories and I would just circle the one they chose for each home.

We repeated it in our own neighborhood, but went up to the doors and talked to the people personally. It has been a FABULOUS way to get to know neighbors that aren’t directly on our street. A slower process, but effective none the less.

These printable Christmas light award cards would totally work all on their own, but we have always included chocolates along with it. I printed on regular printer paper and then used a brad to attach to some festive rice paper for cuteness factor. You could print on sturdier card stock, or print on computer paper and roll up with a ribbon. An unadorned piece of paper might get overlooked or blow away. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT the CHRISTMAS LIGHT AWARD cards here.

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  1. This has been a tradition at our house since the first time you posted about it:)
    My kids and I love driving around and looking at all the lights and decorations and how they change year to year. Thanks for the printable this year!
    I hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

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