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A list of Christmas Games from our annual Christmas partyA couple of weeks we hosted our second, now annual, Christmas party. The highlight of the party are the Christmas games we all play as a group. As per last year, my friend Emily came up with and played host to all the Christmas games.

This Christmas party is hands down the best way to run a Christmas party – I open my home up, guests bring a snack to share, and my friend does the games. Easy and fun for everyone! Folks were encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters, and a white elephant gift if they wanted to participate in a gift exchange.

As everyone arrived they were somewhat randomly placed on one of three teams. We did try to keep the kids spread among the teams to keep things as equal as we could. When the games were team games we played as teams – but scores weren’t really kept, nor were there prizes for the winning team this year.
Here is a list of the Christmas games we played this year. Not all were captured in pictures, but instructions are included or links to other sites with the games are provided.

Christmas Games from our annual Christmas partyThe snowman plate game was the first game we played – it was a great icebreaker and all ages were easily able to participate – and really had basically the same skill level. Ha!

The game host instructs everyone to hold the plate on their head and to draw what the host instructs them to draw without looking at what they are drawing. At first, those drawing don’t even know what they are drawing. You can of course use anything you’d like. Ours was a snowman and the instructions were as follows;

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw a line under the circle for snow.
  3. Draw a smaller circle on top of your original circle.
  4. Draw an even smaller circle on top of the second circle to complete your snowman.
  5. Add 2 arms to your snowman.
  6. Add a carrot nose to your snowman
  7. Give your snowman a scarf
  8. Add eyes and a mouth to your snowman.
  9. Put a hat on top of your snowman.

Once completed we were allowed to take the plates off our head and admire one another’s artistic talents.

Supplies needed: a paper plate and Sharpie, pen, or pencil for each participant.

Christmas Games

Christmas Games

We had a balloon blown up for each person, and one pair of gloves per team. Each team member had to put on the gloves and pop their balloon with their hands only. Once popped, they had to remove the gloves and pass them on to the next team member who had to put them on before popping their own balloon. The younger kids struggled a bit with this one, but eventually figured it out.

Supplies needed: 1 balloon per person and 1 pair of gloves or mittons per teamChristmas Games

Christmas games I think this game was my favorite! Emily had one bin per team and in it were 12 objects, one to represent each of the 12 gifts given in the song The 12 Days of Christmas. The bin also held a post it note numbered 1-12. It was up to the team to remember the song, determine which item was representing which gift, and tag them with the correctly numbered post it note. The funny part was, each teams bin was slightly different from each other so there was no cheating going on!

Supplies needed: (per team) sticky notes numbered 1-12, one item to represent each of the 12 Days of Christmas. Note: You can make it complicate and add items that do not belong.

christmas-games-5The teams were given a numbered sheet of paper and had to name the tune as Emily played the short clip. The play list was found on Youtube and she jumped on our wifi and just played it from her phone. If you had a much larger group you would want speakers to help project the sound.

The answers for the music clips can be found by clicking “SHOW MORE” under the video. See video here. The kids struggled a bit with this one, but still enjoyed trying to answer.

Supplies needed: A numbered sheet of paper and pen for each team, and a device to play the song clips gamesChristmas gamesThis Christmas game was a tad more challenging given our small space to play in, but we made the best of it and the kids especially loved it! On one end of the room was a bowl of cotton balls for each team. On the other end were empty bowls, one for each team. Each team member was given a spoon and had to scoop up a cotton ball and transfer it to the empty bowl – with hands behind the back! It was funny to watch everyone!

Supplies needed: one plastic spoon per person, cotton balls (one per person), two bowls per team.

Saran wrap Christmas Gift Ball Game Christmas games - plastic wrap ball with trinkets inside Christmas games - plastic wrap ball with trinkets inside

This game was my other favorite one of the night! Emily and I had collected an assortment of little trinkets – candy, little tape dispensers, Kleenex, little poppers, yo-yos – just small, inexpensive things. There was also a $5 gift card for the center. (Note: we had two balls, each holding almost identical items. Due to the size of the group we thought that way best.) The items were tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, with the Starbucks gift card in the center and the little trinkets added throughout the layers. It was tightly wrapped (I’m not sure if Emily used tape, too – I didn’t participate in this game!)

One team member held a die and the other held the plastic wrapped ball. The one unwrapping wore gloves. When the person with the die rolled a 6 they grabbed the ball from the gloved person who was trying to unwrap it. They then put the gloves on and attempted to unwrap the plastic, while the person next to them started rolling the die trying to roll a 6. Whatever you unwrapped on your turn was yours to keep. It was super fun!
We tweaked it a bit for the kids and didn’t make them put on the gloves.

Supplies needed: Plastic wrap (lots of it!), tape, lots of little trinkets, a “grand prize” for the center of the ball, a die.

Christmas games - Christmas charadesEmily organized a fun list of Christmas charades for teams to do together. There were things like snow angels, building a snowman, and snowball fight.

Supplies needed: a list of Christmas charade ideas

White elephant gift exchange idea - people change seats with those who...Our white elephant gift exchange game was a fun one. Paul hosted this game. Everyone sat in a chair and held their wrapped gift so everyone else could see it. Then the gift was placed under their seat, where no one would trip over it.
Paul read off a list, one by one, of “If you’ve done this…” type things. If the description applied to you, then you would stand up and switch seats with anyone else that was standing up. You never knew when the list would end, thus the goal was to keep trying to get in a seat where you wanted the gift.
Every now and then he would either pick a person or the entire group that had moved (if it was a small group!) to reveal the gift under their seat – they didn’t get to keep it, but it gave everyone else an idea as to whether they wanted that seat or to avoid that seat!

Here are the things Paul read off, a document file is attached at the end if you would like to print it. The game ends when the last item is read. You can shorten or add to the list as needed.

  1. Stand up and switch seats if you have been to a Christmas party this holiday season.
  2. Stand up and switch seats if you have been to more than one Christmas party this holiday season.
  3. If you are wearing red.
  4. If you are in a Christmas play this year
  5. If you have a snowman somewhere on your body. (HAVE ALL WHO MOVED OPEN THEIR NEW SEAT GIFT AND REVEAL IT)
  6. If you drank hot chocolate today (… or any hot drink….)
  7. If you have a reindeer somewhere on your body.
  8. If you have Santa somewhere on your body.
  9. If you are wearing green.
  10. If you wrote a Christmas wish list.
  11. If you are traveling out of town for the holidays. (HAVE ALL WHO MOVED OPEN THEIR NEW SEAT GIFT AND REVEAL IT)
  12. If you have overnight company coming in for the holidays.
  13. If you have eaten a candy cane this holiday season.
  14. If you have done some of your Christmas shopping.
  15. If you have a Christmas tree up in your house.
  16. If you had the tree up before Thanksgiving.
  17. If you have a star somewhere on your body.
  18. If you play Christmas music in your car.
  20. If you have a nativity scene set up in your house
  21. If you have a star on the top of your tree
  22. If you have an angel on the top of your tree
  23. If you have something else on the top of your tree (…including nothing…)
  24. If you brought your gift tonight in a gift bag
  25. If you brought your gift tonight wrapped in gift wrap
  26. If you have made Christmas cookies this year

Supplies needed: a white elephant gift brought by each person, this printable list

Those are all of the games from our 2016 Christmas party! Thanks for reading, and if you’d like MORE Christmas games check out this list of Christmas Party Ideas which holds ideas for games and food and all sorts of Christmas fun!

Judah’s Christmas sweater that we made:

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