A Month of Thankfulness {box}


2014 update :: this month of thankfulness box is on its third year now and is so precious to read back on previous recordings. I wanted to repost this to encourage you to start your own month of thankfulness box – even though it is part way into the month it won’t matter at all when you look back on it in years to come, you will just be happy to have a record of the simple little things! 

Last Thanksgiving I decided we would have a month of thankfulness in November; it would be a month of recording what we were thankful for each day. It was simple – index cards, a pen and an index card holder to keep track of it all.

Every evening we would sit and think back over the day and pull out one thing we were thankful for and I would write it down. Paul was away most of November 2012, so his portions are mostly blank – but that is part of the joy in remembering; we remember what we are thankful for, but we can look back and be thankful for seasons that are no more and that the Lord brought us through them.

When I pulled this box out from my Fall decor stash it warmed my heart to read through the little things that brought us delight through our days last year.


On November 1st of this year we started it again – I just added 2013 to the card and underneath add each days thanksgiving. 

I added a ribbon and button to the box, but it is really quite simple and the simplicity makes it sustainable. 

I look forward to this being an annual tradition!

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