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Years ago I discovered a charming book called The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats by Andrew Peterson – it is a book and cd combo that brings to life the genealogy of Jesus Christ according to Matthew chapter 1 through a lively song and fun artwork.

It is simple, and yet genius as a previously dull passage in scripture became alive.

Names that were once just buried in a genealogy became real stories as my children would ask “Who was that? What did he do?” And I would turn to scriptures to dig up their stories … it was the inspiration for me to write this, the stories of 25 characters in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the past couple of years we have used this as our daily reading schedule for the month of December. One story per day leading up to Christmas day. The stories are just a very brief glimpse into the lives of these men and women. Their failures and inability to save themselves from their own depravity all beg for a Savior … and God chose this family line to send His only Son into. The Son that would die to pay the price for our sin, and then rise again because death could not hold Him.

The greatest love story is that while we were still sinners Christ died for us, and it is my prayer that these stories will point to Christ and His extravagant love for mankind. He has always had a plan to redeem mankind, and to see His story unravel through history is incredible. God is good and faithful, and man is in desperate need of Him – then and still today.

The stories

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I have painted 25 clothes pins, one for each of the characters in the stories we read. We use these alongside our readings and display them on a little stand made just for them. It is a fun little addition to the stories – I have numbered them with their corresponding day and keep them all in a bowl. The boys enjoy searching for the right character and then adding it to the stand while I read the story.


This summer and fall I worked on updating the stories; this is the result of the updates. The PDF (printable version) is shared above. Below is a link to each individual story – beneath each image you will find a link to the character’s story. The images themselves are not clickable (working on that too … the blog getting hacked ruined all sorts of things!) The link to each story is below the images, just click on the characters name.

::please note, while the stories have been told as delicately as possible in dealing with difficult issues you may wish to preview the stories before reading to children, specifically Judah’s story and his relationship with his daughter in law Tamar.


The Genealogy of Jesus Christ :: 25 Stories :: 25 Days



Abraham | Isaac | Jacob

Judah | Rahab | Ruth

Jesse | David | Solomon

RehoboamAbijah | Asa

Jehoshaphat | Jehoram | Uzziah

Jotham | Ahaz | Hezekiah 

Manasseh | Josiah | Jehoiachin

Zerubbabel | Joseph | Mary 25 jesus

Jesus Christ

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