Games that Teach

Games and play are such a powerful tool to utilize in teaching our children specific skills and habits.

Observe a child at play, unattended by a parent or guardian, and you will see him involve concepts from his growing understanding of the world quite naturally in his play. Characters from stories, movies, tv shows, or video games will come alive in his creative play moments.

Historical places he has been told about will be locations he “visits” in his imaginative play.

Feed a child a healthy dose of excellent literature, music, art, and ideas; then leave him to play and watch as he owns those ideas and makes them his own. His world will blossom and explode in wonderment.

As much as I am a proponent for creative and imaginative play, I am also a fan of purposeful play. Setting up games that teach the children something useful. Whether it be math skills, reading skills, or better habits – there is much that can be gently nurtured through purposeful play.

I like to stage these games that teach as gently and naturally as possible. I don’t generally point out what they are learning, it is simply a fun and enjoyable experience together.

I have – slowly – collected these games into posts over the years and have (finally!) made this menu of games that teach a variety of skills and concepts. Some of these posts contain a collection of games that teach the habit or skill. Other posts elaborate deeper on one game that teaches a specific skill.

As posts get published on the blog this menu will grow.

Posts on Games that Teach Habit Building

Posts on Games that Encourage Stories & Play


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