zucchini spaghetti & other fun

zucchini-spaghettiI am not much one for recipes. Or meal planning. The other day one of the boys walked in to the kitchen as I was getting dinner ready. “What’s for supper?” he asked, looking at the array of ingredients I had spread on the counter.
“We will know when it is put on the table,” I told him. And that was the honest truth – I was twenty minutes away from dinner being put on the table and I was still crafting it in my mind, not entirely sure what the outcome would be.

chicken-feta-florentineI have come to love the way that I cook (and hurray! the three I live with appreciate it too – minus the fact I can rarely duplicate a meal.)

I like to surround myself with familiar ingredients – I cook a whole chicken every week and create a beautiful, rich broth with it. The chicken and broth turn in to many meals.
Fresh vegetables and herbs, oils and butter, good cheese, a cut of beef, homemade gluten free sourdough bread, eggs, oatmeal, fruit, coconut milk – these are the things that stock our shelves each week. Simple and with the simplicity grows intimacy. I am growing to know my foods and what flavors I want to marry together. Of course I can’t stick strictly to that simplicity – it would grow boring. Each week I buy a new ingredient (or ingredients for a new dish) and venture into the world of new foods. It is how leeks became a regular item in our home. And how Brussels sprouts have decidedly never shown up a second time.

Months ago I bought myself a spiralizer thing (stock image below). Paul was going to be gone for four weeks and I wanted some happy mail plus something to help spice up meals for three. Cooking without my man to impress is no fun and I needed a little extra encouragement to keep from serving my boys eggs for every meal.zucchini-spaghetti-1

So I bought myself one and it has been the best kitchen purchase ever. I say that without hesitation, and yet I feel I should add a caveat; this does not make meals easier it just expands the options for meals.
If you are wanting less work in the kitchen, don’t buy this. If you are looking for more options (especially if you are gluten free!) then buy this. It is so fun!

zoodlesWe have eaten SO much zucchini spaghetti since I purchased this spiralizer- I find zucchini to be the easiest to spiral, but it certainly isn’t the only option. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have both been used in abundance for tasty meals.

I like to take flavors of typical grain heavy dishes and make them work with spiraled veggies – I have no recipes for the dishes, but the pasta in Chicken Feta Florentine has been replaced with zucchini spaghetti.
Favorite pizza toppings have been mixed in with zucchini spaghetti and spiraled potatoes (two separate meals). Homemade mac and cheese has been made with sweet potatoes rather than pasta.

The options have been endless and thoroughly enjoyable in the discovery of new combinations.

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