The Amazingly Versatile Banana

DSC 1973 The Amazingly Versatile BananaThere are so many banana + 1 other ingredient recipes out there and they are so easy {yay!} and, for the most part, yummy that they are all around a win-win in our house. We have 5 go-to banana recipes {I am sure there are way more out there …} but these are 5 that we really enjoy.

I have linked to my original source for the recipe {the posts, and comment section, are worth reading for more ideas} and have included our alterations to the recipes! {While banana + 1 ingredient is good, sometimes adding a few mix ins takes it up a notch or two!}

BANANA & OATMEAL BARS {or cookies}

DSC 1932 The Amazingly Versatile Banana

I originally got this 2 ingredient banana & oatmeal cookie from The Burlap Bag. I have turned it into bars – because it is easier than cookies – and I prefer using roasted sesame seeds instead of oats. Originally it was because I feel better soaking my oats first and there’s no option for that in these cookies {… and maybe I should be soaking sesame seeds too … but I don’t …} but I actually prefer the flavor and crunch of the sesame seeds over oats.

The link has a lot of ideas for add ins – our favorite is cinnamon and dates; adds a touch of sweetness and a light flavor.


DSC 1936 The Amazingly Versatile Banana

Banana pancakes are a very favorite breakfast food in our house. There are so many sources for these – I saw an image on Pinterest touting the incredible two ingredient pancake and we started making them a year ago. This is a great looking post by Top With Cinnamon on these banana and egg pancakes if you want to read more on these pancakes and see some great pictures. 

Here is how I make them – 1 large banana to 2 eggs (I double or triple the recipe). Half a tsp of baking soda will help make it fluffier (again, double or triple accordingly). Cinnamon just makes everything better. And vanilla is a good addition too. 
DSC 1943 The Amazingly Versatile Banana


DSC 1958 The Amazingly Versatile Banana

About ten years ago I did a cooking class and was introduced to this fabulous Asian dessert. We have made it many, many, many times over the years – it is a wonderful comfort food.

1 can of coconut milk
2 ripe bananas (firm – not mushy ones!)

In a small saucepan bring the coconut milk to a boil. Slice bananas into bite size pieces. Add the banana slices to the boiling milk, turn down to low and let simmer for a few minutes. Dish into small bowls, serve hot. Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired, and brown sugar if you want something a bit sweeter.


DSC 1969 The Amazingly Versatile BananaI haven’t been able to make these look pretty, but they do taste good. I found the Banana Flax Cracker recipe on the Undressed Skeleton. {Hers are much, much prettier!}

1/2 cup ground flax seed (mostly ground, I left some whole for a bit of crunch)
1 over ripe banana

Bake at 300 F for 20 minutes, or until crispy.

A pinch of sea salt is good.
DSC 1978 The Amazingly Versatile Banana

The banana and flax crackers are delicious drowned in homemade jam!


DSC 1364 The Amazingly Versatile BananaWe have been making banana ice cream for a couple of years now and the only improvement to be made on this Pinterest-trendy treat is to keep an assortment of frozen fruit on hand to prepare the same way and serve several ‘ice cream’ fruit flavors together.

We cut and freeze our bananas (and strawberries, mangoes, cantaloupe and pineapple) and then, when we are ready to make the ice cream, we push them through our masticating juicer. This is our go-to dessert and it is fun to pull out the juicer and frozen fruit when we have friends over and prepare it on the table with everyone.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! Can’t wait to try the ones I haven’t already! (basically, all but the pancakes)

    I’m with ya on preferring to soak oats, so sesame seeds sound great (and actually, sounds like a Lebanese dessert called “halawa”). :)

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