Soup Week

SOUP-WEEK-1Last week I started soup week in our house – mostly┬ábecause my kids are adamant that they do not like soup and I wanted to show them how silly that notion is; soup varies SO MUCH, you can’t just hate them all.

I am not sure how persuasive soup week was in changing their minds but they DID develop excellent skills in communicating sincere and thoughtful comments on soup. One such comment; “Well, this isn’t my favorite soup. But if I had to choose between this and burned eggs, I would choose this for sure.”

I generally make my own bone broth every week or two and had a large quantity on hand for the week – if you don’t already make your own broth it truly is simple, healthy, delicious and inexpensive. I would recommend it, especially with the upcoming winter months.

I have all but one of the soup recipes posted on here – Monday’s Squash Soup recipe is one I have made a few times, but always off the top of my head and I forgot to write it down. I will work on getting that done soon.

Soup week was really quite fun. Paul even commented that he wished I would do soup week all the time. It certainly made for an easy week of meal planning!

One thing I would change is the last three soups being back to back – each one was delicious, but they were very heavy with milk, cream and/or cheese and I would spread them out over the week rather than have one rich soup after the other. Everyone’s digestive system would have been grateful.

Soup week recipesclick on the image or the link below each image for the recipe

meatball-soup-recipeSunday was meatball soup


squash-soupMonday was Squash Soup with apple and bacon (no recipe posted yet)


tomato-and-spinach-soupTuesday was Creamy Parmesian Tomato and Spinach Meatball Soup (using up leftover meatballs!)


RICE-NOODLE-SOUPWednesday was Asian Rice Noodle Chicken and Veggie soup


bacon-cheeseburger-soupThursday was bacon cheeseburger soup


broccoli-soup-recipeFriday was Broccoli soup with mozzarella cheese



pizza-soup-recipeAnd finally, Saturday’s grand finale was pizza soup

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