Make Your Own Sugar Cubes!

Make your own unique and special sugar cubes! These Lego minifigure sugar cubes are super simple to make.I am so super excited about this little project I made for the boys.

My boys adore their daily hot cups of tea. Sometimes it is two or three cups of tea.

I have this idea brewing for a daily countdown to Christmas which involves a new flavor of tea each day – sweet friends have generously offered up tea bags from their collection for my boys to enjoy something new each day throughout the month. I will have a Christmas story to go along with each day, and we will probably read our genealogy of Jesus story at that time, too.

I was thinking about other little special touches that I could add throughout the month and the idea for lego minifigure sugar cubes struck. They are going to LOVE having a little Lego mini fig to sweeten their cuppa.

I have managed to keep this little project a secret from them and I am so excited to surprise them with these sugar cubes.

We already own the Lego minifigure mold, which we have enjoyed for many things – from chocolate molds, to ice cubes to gummy candy – and it was SO easy to make these Lego mini fig sugar cubes. They would work beautifully in any mold – so let your imagination go wild! (I have included some ideas at the end for silicon molds)

I have really gotten into coconut sugar lately – it has this delicious, unique flavor that is somewhat of a rich caramel flavor. It is nothing like coconut. It was one of my “new grocery items of the week” purchases months ago and has become a regular household item.

I used coconut sugar to make these sugar cubes, but whatever sugar you fancy will work. Make your own unique and special sugar cubes! These Lego minifigure sugar cubes are super simple to make.To make your own sugar cubes will need:

Lego mini fig mold
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp water

Mix the sugar and water in a bowl until it is a consistent crumble texture that holds together when you pinch it into a ball. You may need to add more sugar or water to get the correct consistency.

If it is too wet increase sugar in teaspoon quantities.

If it is too dry increase water by droplet amounts at a time.

Press the mixture into your silicone tray, pressing with the back of the spoon to pack it in tightly.

Place in freezer to set, and either store in freezer until ready to use, or in a cool place.

I picked out some favorite silicone icecube trays that would be fantastic sugar cube shapes – some may be larger than what you would want in your cup, but they would be such fun to have out on display!Lego Mini Fig MoldUnique and fun Silicone trays for ice, candy, or sugar cube molds

Dr. Who Silicone Tray

Star Trek Star Fleet

Hearts, Stars & Shells Set

Hex Silicone Tray

Round Silicone Tray

Star Wars Silicone Set

If you have any other thoughts for special little touches I could add to a month of tea themed goodness for the boys I would love to hear more ideas!

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    1. They would love that, but I am torn on the idea as they have super cute Christmas mugs from Linda that they only use during the month of December. Maybe I could take them to paint a mug for someone else, but just tie it all together with the theme of tea and then a random act of kindness activity …

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