Homemade Yummy Gummy Candy {sweetened with honey}

homemade-gummy-candyWe have been at this for awhile, trying to find the right mix of sweetness and texture and the subtle complex flavors of a gummy. We have tried an assortment of recipes and quantity combinations and this gummy candy recipe is our keeper.

Any type of food-grade mold will work – even an ice cube tray or fill just a little of a small cup.
I use three different molds for our candy making.

The very favorite is the Lego Men Candy mold. Every Lego-loving house should have one of these. It’s cheap and rather fun! I have made butter Lego men to top veggies that the boys weren’t crazy over, I have made chocolate Lego men to top a cake, and then lots of gummies. I have never had a problem pulling a Lego man out of the mold. These gummies end up being about the size of a normal gummy bear.

The next in size is the half sphere mold. There is nothing fancy about them. If you like gummies this is a great size! We keep joking about adding a blueberry to the center of the mold to make it look like an eyeball.

The final molds we use are our hard boiled egg molds. I kinda loooove these molds – they are silly and fun and make eggs more enjoyable. Or not. But they are fun! And they make some big gummies in creative shapes.

Here is a picture of our three different gummies out of the mold – the heart, car and fish are the egg molds.

Just a note on the recipe before it is shared: the best price on gelatin that I have found is from Amazon. As per the reviews, it has a bit of a smell, but it is not noticeable in the final candy.
The flavor of juice you chose to use will be the flavor of your gummies. The citric blend and honey will subtly enhance, but the juice flavor will be the primary flavor and color. I have tried blending in fruits (and veggies… oops) and we did not like the pureed fruit texture.

These take only a few moments to make and less than an hour to set – super easy!

Homemade Yummy Gummy Candy {sweetened with honey}

Homemade Yummy Gummy Candy {sweetened with honey}



  1. Bring liquid to a boil.
  2. Meanwhile, get other 3 ingredients ready and line up candy molds.
  3. Stir in remaining 3 ingredients, stirring vigorously to ensure well mixed.
  4. Pour into candy molds and place in fridge until set. Should be done in under an hour.


*We use natural fruit juice.


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    1. Every batch I have made I have kept in the fridge – I started doing that because I was experimenting with adding fruits, veggies, kefir and/or kombucha and it seemed like they should be refrigerated. Now I still store in the fridge in an air tight container, but I don’t know if it has to be that way.

  1. That looks way easier than I thought it would be – definitely adding this to our recipes to make list.
    Thanks for sharing!

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