Homemade Vanilla Extract

homemadevanillaI love making homemade vanilla extract to use as gifts – as Christmas gifts, kitchen themed bridal shower gifts, new home gift – it is just the perfect, sweet little gift to give!  Measuring spoons and tea towels go well with the homemade vanilla. It goes really well with homemade vanilla sugar.DSC_5300

The vanilla needs to steep for 8 weeks. If you are starting it too late to gift as a ready-to-use vanilla that is just fine! Just add a little note letting the recipient know when this will be ready to use.


To make your own homemade vanilla you need:

Vanilla Beans
Vodka {4oz per vanilla bean} – we used half rum and half vodka


Cutting board
Sharp knife
Glass jars for storing the vanilla extract

How to make homemade vanilla extract: 

Cut the vanilla beans down the center.
Place vanilla bean in glass jar.
Add 4 oz of vodka for each vanilla bean.

Shake and store for 8 weeks. The extract will continue to get darker as it sits.


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7 Replies to “Homemade Vanilla Extract

  1. We just finished a bottle of maple syrup that would be perfect to use for this! Such a great idea. Does using rum change the flavour much?

    1. We have always just used vodka but read that using rum adds a bit of sweetness to it, so that is what why we tried it.

      I used a maple syrup bottle to in the above picture!! 🙂

    1. Vanilla beans vary in price – we found a pack of two for $2 at a random grocery store on our way home from Chicago. I have paid $8 for a pack of 4 before.

      A large bottle of vodka costs $12. It is 1.75 liters. According to Google that is 59 oz, which would make 14 4oz bottles of vanilla.

      So for every 4oz of vanilla you are looking at $1-2 per vanilla beans, less than $1 for the vodka and then you need to account for the price of the jar you store it in.

      I save all my glass jars so that has never been an expense for me. Hope that helps Stephanie!

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