How to Drink More Water


I can’t say that I have always known the huge importance of drinking water. I almost exclusively drank water (rather than juice) growing up, but it was only because that was the only option given; I didn’t get how good it was for me.

One of the quirky traits that stood out to me when I was first getting to know Paul was how much water he could drink.

He still drinks a lot of water. When we go on a road trip I always stock up on gallon size water bottles (water jugs – they are jugs at that size, right?!) and he faithfully downs it wherever we go. Just before going to Nigeria on my own with the boys the ONE piece of advice he gave me was “Make sure you drink lots of water, and make sure the boys are getting plenty too. And when you think you have had enough, drink more.”

Paul is the one who has really pushed the importance of drinking a lot of water.

If I am ever in doubt about what my husband would want me to do in any given situation, drinking more water is a pretty valid answer.

But I have always struggled with how to drink more water.

And I probably spent way too much time considering how to increase my water intake in a natural and sustainable manner.

There are charts and apps to track water consumption – but goodness, if I can’t remember to refill my cup over and over, how could I remember to check off a little picture of a drinking glass??

Following the recommended amount of one ounce of water per pound leaves me with … well, a lot of water to consume in a day!*
Remembering to fill up my glass over and over and over and over again was never easy. Keeping tabs on how many glasses I had consumed was never easy.

And then a friend came to visit and I observed her water drinking habits and my entire life changed. Well, my water drinking life.

She had a 48 ounce Nalgene water bottle, and over the course of the day she drank it and refilled it a few times – effortless! I was impressed.

A couple days later my very own showed up in the mail – she had sweetly gifted me one. Apparently I was too impressed.

This has solved all of my water drinking problems – I drink 3 bottles a day – simple to keep track of, simple to refill, and it’s honestly easy to do. My body craves water like it never has before and I feel so much better with it.

Eliminating multiple trips to the sink to refill my glass by carrying around a large quantity of water at all times has effortlessly and significantly increased my water consumption. It’s so simple it almost feels stupid to share, but I spent years trying to figure out how to increase my water intake and now that it’s been seven months of consistency, I feel like it has been a long enough habit to share how I learned to drink more water!

It comes with me every time I leave the house. Carrying around a large water bottle has elicited a lot of conversations with people about consuming water – that’s a good thing! Water is essential to good health, and conversations about it are good.

A few times a week I find myself sitting for a couple hours (mainly, church or Bible studies or computer work) and I make it a habit to have my water bottle full and with me when I know I will be sitting – drinking water is a mindless thing that can happen during those times and takes minimal forethought.

The one problem I have had with this bottle is splashing … there have been a couple incidents where the water has poured out too fast and spilled down my shirt. Awkward. They do sell splash guards for these wide mouth bottles, but I haven’t yet purchased one. I am not sure if I will – I feel like I should be able to drink from it without spilling!

|For the record, I don’t think boxed water is better. I purchased it for a fun project and thought it would fit well as a picture for this post. But don’t buy boxed water unless you need it to look cute for something. It’s ridiculously priced!|

*There is a huge variety of recommendations for how much water one should consume in a day. I feel GREAT when I drink in ounces what I weigh in pounds. A Google search on the subject will leave you with many different answers as to how much you should drink, but most people could do with drinking more than what they currently consume. Check out this article on what your urine says about your health for a little more info.

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