Wooden Train Tracks


I was born for this.

That’s about as deep as I am going – I really mean it, wooden train tracks rock. I have spent hours configuring new tracks and I thoroughly enjoy it.

The boys love that their mommy loves their toys. They like sitting and watching me put it together and, when I complete one, they cheer, run a train or two through, and then ask me to build a new one.

This has been the best toy to sit and play with together – what do you enjoy playing with your kids?

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9 Replies to “Wooden Train Tracks

  1. I'm with you on the train tracks! We have a lot of them because any configuration we build needs to be big enough for all three to play without constantly bumping into each other. We can spend a lot of time with these.

    Other popular toys in our house are play food (lots of picnics and parties in our house!), puzzles, blocks and monster trucks. Oh the monster trucks!

    Each of our kids has a moderately sized truck (maybe around 10 inches long?) and when they come out, our house gets loud – "because monster trucks are supposed to be really loud Mommy!". All of the previously mentioned toys are used at some point as a track or something to jump over – they can get pretty creative with these.

    I also love bringing out the craft supplies!

      1. I forgot to mention playdough – they boys love that because they get to make things and then crush them:) We have some small cars and toys that are set aside to be used with this play.

        Painting has been popular this summer –Mommy is not nearly as concerned about mess when we paint outside! The boys’ fabourite is putting down large pieces of paper and using different things to splatter (diff size paint brushes, toothbrushes etc) or use objects from around the house to make patterns (cups, combs whatever is bumpy!). When it dries we go back with markers and draw silly faces or other pictures on the paint. The interesting side effect of this is that they now point out shapes in clouds or dirt or leaves etc. when we are out and about.

        My daughter and I are going through the paint program from http://www.pineapplepaintbrush.com/ but my boys are only 3 and 2 and are not interested in following specific projects yet although they did like the drip paintings.

        Another favourite is making puppets and masks. I have a box full of googley eyes, foam shapes etc that I bring out with markers or crayons and we make puppets or masks and then put on a show for Daddy.

        Sometimes I just give them everything and watch to see what they come up with – my daughter loves this! The boys had a harder time deciding what to do without direction the first few times but now just dive in and are always proud of whatever they create!

        1. Not at all – I appreciate it!! 🙂
          I need to try to do more craft stuff with them – they don't really care so I haven't done much actual crafts. But I think if I just started something they'd get into it!

    1. A lot of our tracks were given to us by generous friends that had out grown theirs. I have bought some (we have A LOT!!) and I buy on Ebay. I buy used lots and buy for .50 cents per track, bridge or train (with shipping) – it's rare to find it priced so low. The larger the lot the better the per-item price typically is.
      I figure if I am buying at a .50 cent/piece rate I can easily double if I resell, as most lots go for approx/ $1/piece or more.

      I have bought two or three lots on Ebay – when I do I spend quite a bit of time watching the auctions and use an online sniper thing to bid last second.

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