Who God Is – the framework our children need

riverI took my gentlemen to the canal yesterday. News of the Boston Marathon was just breaking and it felt good to get out. We drew in our observation journals, listened to the sounds of birds and water, celebrated those who were running, and explored the things that intrigued us.

river1 I soaked in the preciousness of innocence – of their wonderment at discovery, their enthusiasm at a challenging hill to run, their joy in God’s beautiful creation.

And at the same time my heart was heavy for those in Boston and the horrific nightmare they are going through. And when I heard the news of the eight year old boy that had been there cheering on his father and he was one of the ones that died, it … I don’t know – it hurt a lot more. It hit a little closer to home – being a mama that has sat with excited boys cheering their father on through various races I can well imagine exactly how that boy might have been in his last moments of life.
Antsy, wishing he could be a runner too. Proud, for his father, and a bit for himself – observing such athletic feats has a way of making you feel a part of it. Hungry, for little boys are always hungry. Voice hoarse from cheering wildly. 
river2How do we celebrate and encourage the innocence of our own, and at the same time mourn the evils being done to other children?

How do we prepare our children for a world that holds these horrors that don’t make sense? When there are so many questions that we don’t quite know how to form … let alone how to answer.

river3While there are so many answers I don’t know, this one I am certain on –

As Christian parents preparing our children to live in this world they need to be taught who God is.

They need to know the Creator God who spoke this world into existence and the Word who was in the beginning with God and was God.

They need to know Him as the Self Existent and Unchanging God – and that Christ Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever

They need to be told of Him as a Jealous God – one who is jealous for them. That He is God Almighty and the Most High. They need to know that the Lord Jesus is our Great High Priest – and to understand why that even matters, we need to take them into the Old Testament and teach them why a priest mattered at all.

They need to know that He is a Strong Tower for the righteous. And that we can be made righteous through the precious blood of Jesus. We can run to this Strong Tower and be safe. They can run to Him as their Strong Tower and be safe.

They need to know Him as Lord – the owner of everything. And they need to know that the Lord Jesus was the Lamb of God – the Savior. That the God who created all of this, the One who holds it all together sent His only Son to die and rise again for us these are the types of things our children need to know. 


The things they need to have frame the foundation of their childhood is an absolute and strong assurance of who God is. Because as evil things continue to happen in the world there will be many more questions we can’t answer. There will be many more things we can’t make sense of to form the questions in our minds. But in learning of The God who Sees and of Him as Jehovah Shammah The Lord is There – we are teaching our children of the power and compassion and comfort which is to be found in God alone.

So mama’s, continue diligently in pointing your children to Him.
Faithfully teaching our own about this God who doesn’t fit in a box. A God who is BIGGER than any fear we face. A God who is good, faithful and true.

river6“Nothing escapes God’s eyes. If even the fall of a sparrow is noticed by our Heavenly Father, how much more would He notice what happens to be breaking your heart or frightening you or causing you pain.” E. Elliot

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