What’s In the Bible Coupon Code & Review

To get your What’s In The Bible Coupon Code click here. The coupon is good for 20% off your purchase and free shipping over $15!! 

At the beginning of this year we were gifted the first 4 What’s in the Bible DVDS and have since added 3 more to the series. We love this series as a tool to help cement stories and Biblical concepts in our boys minds. Phil Vischer of Veggie Tale’s fame has created this fabulous resource for families.

Through puppets, stories and songs these DVDs go through detailed overview of the books of the Bible. Judah (age 5) loves them much more than Wesley (age 4) simply because Wesley isn’t much into singing movies. They do both enjoy them, but whereas Judah would watch as many in the series as he could, Wesley is done after one What’s in the Bible DVD.

As we have finished listening to books of the Bible on our audio Bible I have played the corresponding What’s in the Bible dvd for the boys to help give them a better understanding on what that book was about.

This What’s in the Bible coupon code makes for an excellent deal – our original ones were purchased from the local Christian book store and our last three from an online retailer. We thought we had found some great deals on those purchases, but with the 20% discount and free shipping this beats the deals we got from those sources.

There are currently 8 titles available in the What’s in the Bible series, covering the books of Genesis through Song of Solomon. (The Old Testament will be completed this Fall and they will begin the New Testament in 2013!)

You can easily watch each DVD on its own without having seen a previous volume. If your child is rather familiar or particularly interested in one of the books of the Old Testament you could start with the DVD that contained that story. Otherwise I would recommend building your collection from Volume 1 on up.

We have asked for the What’s in the Bible DVDs for birthday gifts for our boys, and feel it is a worthwhile investment in their lives and for our family.

Please note that every time you click to use the What’s in the Bible coupon code you are given a unique coupon code, so while you can use as many coupon codes as you would like, you can’t reuse the exact same coupon code.


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