Wesley is 5!

DSC_2513webDear Wesley – my darling, lively, imaginative boy; you are now five. An entire handful of wiggling fingers – because you would never be able to hold five fingers still at the same time. 

You are such a delight and joy to me and I so thoroughly enjoyed the journey through age four — you are curious and inquisitive and ask hundreds of questions each day and it is fantastic and exhausting all bundled together. 

I love watching your interests grow and skills develop – you work so diligently at coloring between the lines, you ask often to go running and to be lifted up onto the pull up bar, you so desperately want someone to just sit and play games with you or read you stories and you remember details so very well! 

It has been precious to watch your love for the Lord Jesus grow and your understanding of Him deepen, as well as your love for people. You love passionately and you know no other way to treat a person. It is my prayer that you never lose your enjoyment of others, and that you will always look for ways to serve them.

It is such a privilege to be your mama and to help raise you to be “a brave man and a warrior. Who speaks well and is a fine looking man. And the Lord is with him.” {1 Samuel 16:18} 

I look forward to playing many games with my new five year old!


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