Summer Suitcase of Fun

Our fun summer plans involve a summer suitcase of fun - a simple suitcase filled with a new activity, book, movie, or snack each day through the summer for the kids to enjoy.Summer is almost here – which is so crazy to me! I feel like we just started tackling first and second grade, and now we are at the end of it. I haven’t quite gotten over the fact that classes get out in May here. Seems to always take me by surprise.

The boys have been asking me to plan something fun for them to do this summer, and I have been mulling over this idea of a summer suitcase of fun for a couple of months now. I think it’s going to be a perfect fit!

As a teen I loved babysitting and taking a small suitcase of fun things with me to do with the kids – the kids loved seeing what was in the bag, and it kept everyone busy and happy. I have always wanted to incorporate that in some way with my boys, and I think a summer suitcase of fun will be the perfect way to do that!

At this point I only have a very loose structure planned out, but basically each morning I will have some fun stuff in the suitcase for them to pull out and use that day. I have some themed things planned out to cover the course of a few days, some recipes for them to cook, some fun creative writing assignments, some fun math games, movies to watch and books to read. I will add snacks, crafts, and day trip activities.

summer-reading-logThe very first day they will be given this reading log I made for them to use throughout the summer to track the books they read. They can transfer it over to the library’s summer reading log once that becomes available, and I think we will award them for their reading somehow too. (printable of this will be made available soon!)

Our month of May is packed full with the finishing up of school, the (hopeful!) closing on our old house, and a trip north for my sister’s wedding so our summer suitcase of fun activity won’t start until the second week of June. I am all for simple, fun and encouraging kids towards using their imaginations, and I think this summer suitcase will check all those boxes! As the activities come together I will share more about our plans on here.

ideas to encourage kids to serve others this summerA few years ago I shared some ideas to encourage kids to serve others through the summer and I will be incorporating some of those ideas this summer in our summer suitcase of fun!

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7 Replies to “Summer Suitcase of Fun

  1. What a fabulous idea! I love it! I cannot wait til my kids are out of school…I’ve already been compiling activities for us to do. Putting them in a suitcase will make it become a wonderful adventure for them and help me organize supplies/activities ahead of time so we’ll actually DO them! Thanks for the idea! Looking forward to reading more about your fun adventures!!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing – I love the reading log. We have been sitting down to make up a summer to do list for about three or four years now and planning ahead a bit and being intentional make such a difference in how the summer goes. Our boys have baseball this year and my daughter is playing soccer so I’m thinking that a special bag for the siblings sitting on the sidelines would be a fun thing to have too.

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