Summer Suitcase of Fun | Weeks 3-5

summer fun ideas for kidsOur little summer suitcase of fun has been such a bright spot in our summer days – the boys and I both love the imaginative fun and creative play that it has been inspiring.

And. I love the self propelled routine it has established. They need to be dressed, beds made, breakfast eaten, Bibles read, and dishes put away before they open the suitcase- and that little routine they’ve got down! Well on our way to a smooth school year. (ha!)

So far I haven’t had to buy anything especially for it – I have picked up odds and ends at yard sales for them, such as costume pieces, but they are things I would have picked up anyways. I have always hoarded junk and now we are USING it, and tossing it when they play with – so it’s a total win to be decluttering! I mean, really … it’s slightly embarrassing to have had all these odds and ends sitting around and I hesitate to confess such a thing, but the fact is we (well, some of us … I realize not all) have random junk and presented in the right way it can be FUN for use in creative play, and then passed on. summer-activities-for-kids

Like that above brief case. We have been playing up a spy/secret agent theme with the suitcase items each day (IDs, mustaches, finger printing powder, coins, stamps, etc.) and the “briefcase” is what my wedding utensils came in a decade ago. I have been lugging it around for a decade. It wasn’t even silver. Just an every day set. But for whatever reason I held on to the case. This past week it came out as their secret spy case – complete with their own spy numbers (month and then birth date, Judah 1/27, Wesley 6/27 – clever, no?)

These out of sequential order, and a couple were left off (a movie, and one or two others I forget!) But the items found in the suitcase the past three weeks starting with the top left image:

dress up clothes | boomerang | secret spy agent briefcase | blueberry picking with friends

sticker coins | fingerprint dusting powder | Battleship with the Periodic table of the Elements | Old Photographs  summer-activities-for-kids-3

And this was my very favorite – one day they got the mustaches, and the next we made up ID cards for them – they made up their own names and have spent HOURS playing secret agent.

We have family coming to visit next week, so I haven’t decided how I will balance the suitcase with company, but I am trying to make it line up with Camp Google, which starts next week.

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