Summer Fun | week 2

summer-funWe’ve just completed week 2 of summer fun – the overall goal is really to probe the boys onwards to deeper imaginative play. It takes intentional effort to fuel their creativity, imaginations – Mastery Inactivity in the words of Charlotte Mason;

“We ought to do so much for our children, and are able to do so much for them, that we begin to think everything rests with us and that we should never intermit for a moment our conscious action on the young minds and hearts about us. Our endeavours become fussy and restless. We are too much with our children, ‘late and soon.’ We try to dominate them too much, even when we fail to govern, and we are unable to perceive that wise and purposeful letting alone is the best part of education.” (Vol. 3, p. 27).

This week, apart from Friday, they were given objects to inspire their creative play. Given the supplies, and when needed brief instructions, they were left to their own creative minds to use the objects as they saw fit.

Monday was a bar of soap and butter knives for carving boats, as inspired by Paddle to the Sea.

Tuesday was ink pads to make thumb print creations.

Wednesday was a large piece of fabric for tent making.

Thursday were those two fabulous tricorn hats.

Friday was a towel, as we were heading out to friends for an afternoon in their pool.

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