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legoland-florida-10Years ago we encouraged the boys to be saving for big activities that caught their attention – they have saved for a waterpark, Lego land Atlanta, and we just got back from their latest (and biggest!) goal – Lego land Florida! They covered admission, gas, hotel, and food – a huge feat for a 6 and 7 year old. We contributed all money gifts given to us as a family at Christmas, and then extended the trip by a few days to surprise them.

And then we worked hard to keep expenses as low as possible. After considerable research I found what I think is the lowest possible price for our family to have gone to Lego land Florida.


Military service members get free admission (with ID, when you arrive go to guest services) and homeschool families get a very reduced rate on homeschool days – the highest ever being $10 per child, some dates as low as $8 per child. A grownup chaperon is $25.
The homeschool days calendar can be seen here on Lego land Florida’s website. The homeschool rate requires a reservation made a minimum of 2 days ahead of time. Water park admission is an additional $15 (we did not do this.) Lego land tickets purchased online are non refundable.

For our family of four the admission to Lego land Florida was $45 – I did not see any other promotions that came close to touching on that price, but for non homeschool families I did see a lot of deals for free tickets for kids with the purchase of an adult ticket – so keep your eyes open for those deals! Proof of homeschooling is required at guest services when you pick up your ticket.

There is a parking fee of (at the time we went) $14 per car. Some hotels near Lego land offer a free shuttle, so that is an option to consider looking into if you are staying nearby (we weren’t).
Next summer Lego land Florida has their own hotel opening up literally right beside the park – it looks incredible!

legoland-florida-8Saving Money on Food in the Park

The park doesn’t open until 10, so we ate well prior to entering the park and then packed our bags with water bottles and snacks (as per their FAQ, this is permissible.) We had a cooler in the car, but didn’t end up leaving the park until we were finished late afternoon. We were hungry when we got to the car, but with all there was to do, and being in the heat, we were all fine with the snacks. If we go again, we would do it this way all over again. They did have a lot of options for buying food, but we were keeping costs as low as possible so it wasn’t an option for us.
legoland-florida-9The Timing of our Trip (or “The Crowds at Lego land”)

We went to Lego land on the Monday following the first week of school in the south. Universities down here haven’t started back yet, so it was perfect timing for us with Paul’s school. It was wonderful in the park – the most we ever waited for a ride was 25 minutes – and a lot of them we could walk right up to and get on.

When we arrived at the park there was a huge downpour and lightening storm – it passed very quickly, but I wonder if part of the lack of people was because of that storm and not due to the school schedule. But regardless, it was a perfectly low populated theme park on the day we were there!

While at other places around Orlando I did overhear a number of people speak with disinterest about Lego land; “Oh, well dear, that may be your cup of tea but it certainly isn’t mine so we won’t be going,” said a grandmother to her grandson.
legoland-florida-7The Rides

The boys were able to ride every ride in the park – some they had to have an adult accompany them (but really, we would have anyway!) All of the height requirements are laid out on this part of Lego land Florida’s site. They loved the rides! These were their very first roller coasters and my first in … I don’t know – twelve years?! All four of us had a lot of fun with the rides.

The one disappointment was that the rides all stop operating if there is lightening in the area, and for whatever reason a lot of them closed for good when lightening was spotted in the area in the late afternoon. We missed out on one ride that we had been saving for last, so it was a bit disappointing, but we got over it.

None of these rides compare to rides at a huge amusement park but I think it is perfect for the 10-ish and under crowd and we would most definitely do this trip all over again. We had so much fun!
legoland-florida-6Beautiful Details 

I didn’t take many pictures of the incredible details made from Lego throughout the park (see the lock, above, made of Lego?!) – there are some impressive structures – my very favorite were the animals built into the natural beauty of the waterfall, rocks and greenery (otters can be seen two pictures down). There is SO much to look at.

They have a miniland USA and we honestly did not spend much time at all looking at it – which I kind of wish we had, but really, the boys didn’t care a whole lot and the day was for them! They had fun picking out a few recognizable buildings and looking at a few scenes that caught their eye, but it really wasn’t appreciated as it ought to have been. legoland-legolegoland-floridaMy Favorite Part of Lego land Florida

A surprising treat, and what turned out to be my favorite part of the whole park, is the addition of the Cyprus Gardens which, I gathered, Lego land was built on its former grounds. The Cyprus Gardens were beautiful and so serene among the chaos of a theme park. I walked through it on my own while the guys took in a show and then took them back through it to see it for themselves.

This was the only part of the park where I wish I had my real camera on me, not just my phone.

They had kept a Banyan tree that had been planted as a seedling in 1939 and has now grown into spectacular beauty- it is really breath taking to see and any trip to Lego land Florida should include a little stroll through the accompanying Cyprus Gardens.
legoland-florida-3legoland-florida-2legoland-florida-5Other Tips and Thoughts on Lego land

You can do minifigure trading with Lego land employees – this was a fun little addition for the boys, keeping their eyes open for someone to trade with. We had brought minifigs from home for this purpose. More details on how to do this here.

They have 3D shows and some water shows that the kids enjoyed – we watched one 3D show and it was the same as one we saw in Atlanta. The boys didn’t care, but I was surprised by it.
The water show tricks were excellent.

Comfortable shoes are a must. There is so much walking to do! We have been so happy with Keens for our boys. They get stinky, but are easily washed. They have walked miles in these shoes, days in a row, and no complaints on achy or blistered feet.

I didn’t go in any of the stores, but Paul did and said they’re pretty much all the same. Downtown Disney has an impressive Lego store, and we took our boys there to browse another day rather than waste any time at the theme park.

We prepped our kids for the stuff they would see other people walking around with (the snacks, Lego sets, other toys, etc) and let them know we wouldn’t be buying any. We made it a conversation about contentment and marketing strategies and feelings and they seemed to understand why we wouldn’t be buying and were happy to wait for another day to buy (they had spending money for another day.)

Lego land Florida was such a fun family trip to enjoy together and while the boys are scheming as to where to save for next this remains a top contender to do as a repeat!

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