Judah Funnies

I write down every funny thing the boys  say and one day I plan to make a coffee table book full of their humorous sayings, complete with funny pictures of them. I keep a Word Document of their expressions and while Judah has pages and pages devoted to his choice of vocabulary Wesley has all of two things listed! Wesley is, hands down, the funnier of the two boys. But Wesley’s humor is always done for show and is non-verbal and doesn’t translate to written word.

I am sure as he gets older and starts talking more there will be much more to write about him, but for now I will continue with ‘Judah Funnies’ as Judah is the only one really talking.

Judah was outside playing and bellowing at the top of his voice “SEND SOMEONE OUT TO FIGHT ME!” He said this over and over again so I went out and asked what he was doing. He said “I am playing Goliath. No one ever plays Goliath!”

Judah, when asked if he wanted to pray for anything; “Yes, I think we should pray for Wezzy’s little feet.”

Judah: “Mommy, I am going to run and use the potty. Can you make sure Wezzy doesn’t run away with my underwear and hide it? I don’t like when he does that.”

After Judah had been in bed for over an hour he called to me and said “Mommy – I just need to know, what are we going to do for my birthday?” His birthday was 5 months away.

Judah, looking deeply concerned; “Mommy, who cut off your penis?”

Judah was pretending to eat Wesley’s nose and Wesley kept grabbing it back back from Judah’s mouth. After several times of this Judah said “I’m sorry Wezzy. It’s already in my bum now. You can’t get it back anymore.” And they laughed hysterically.

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7 Replies to “Judah Funnies

  1. Judah is a riot! I'm cracking up over the stolen underwear. I can imagine he doesn't like that! haha! Brothers!!!

    But, really, Jessica, if someone cut off your penis, you should come forward with that information. That doesn't sound pleasant at all 😉 Ahhhhhh, kids! How funny!! Love, love, love your idea of a coffee table book. I so wish I had written down everything like that.

  2. I imagine your home is filled with lots of laughter. I esp. liked him telling Wesley his nose was already in his bum, so he couldn't have it back. Cute!

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