Happy Birthday Wesley – 7 years old

wes-7My dearest Wezzy –

This morning dawned early with the silly sound of a rooster call. Your celebratory wake up call for all joyous occasions.

Waking from a dead sleep to a brand new seven year old cock-a-doodle-doo-ing is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Seven years ago you burst into this world and ever since your presence has brought heart smiles to those that know you.

You are a bundle of fun and laughter and have been blessed with an abundance of ticklish spots.wes-1wes-2

You have made us all laugh when you call yourself Cinder-Esley when you are doing chores around the house. Your cheerful spirit is a gift that all around you get to enjoy.

In the later months of your sixth year, I have seen you quietly slip in to do chores before I even ask. Your servants heart is a precious reflection of the One you love and it has been precious to see and hear of your growing relationship with your heavenly Father.

He is the One worth following – you well know your parents make mistakes and disappoint and unfairly judge. Where we fail you He never will.
wes-3I love your sense of humor. You have made my heart race many times with your hiding and boo-ing or placing your toy mouse in discreet places that are sure to set me screaming. Both dissolve you into endless giggles.

Most things dissolve you into endless giggles. It’s one of my favorite things about you.
wes-4You are resourceful, creative, and an adventurer – three things that I love and three things that are terrifying in a young boy.

You have built many parachute models for yourself in your determination to jump off our roof.

You like to play with fire, climb high trees, and ride your bike without holding the handle bars.


You want to know why things work the way they do and why people do the things they do.

After watching a home movie of myself as a four year old, you wanted to know why I had said certain things or done certain things. Hopefully one day you’ll understand for yourself why it is I couldn’t recall the ins and outs of why I did what I did twenty six years ago.

wes-6I love who you are right now. And I love the direction you are growing in.

Continuing to pray that you might be “a brave man and a warrior. Who speaks well and is a fine looking man. And the Lord is with him.” {1 Samuel 16:18}

I love you and I like you and I am so very thankful you are mine.



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3 Replies to “Happy Birthday Wesley – 7 years old

  1. My middle child turned 7 this year as well. He has such a heart for God and is sometimes a great role model for me. He is my deep thinker and will come up with observations and questions that blow me away – that I would expect to come from an adult – and the next minute he is telling a joke about farting and I am reminded that he is still a seven year old boy and about how much fun there is to be had. It is such a crazy and wonderful age – as they all seem to be for their own reasons:)

    Happy Birthday Wesley!

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