Happy Birthday Wesley – 6 years old

BEACH-11Dear Wesley –

Happy birthday darling boy! The day you were born I held you tight and whispered sweet nothings to you, the first newborn that I was able to hold right after giving birth … and while every year I tell you that story, and of how your brother was whisked off to the NICU without me being able to even touch him until hours later and not hold him until days later, you never tire of hearing it. It is a special bond- my second born and yet most of my newborn firsts were with you and it is a delight to see how much you relish these stories.

You have grown up so much this year – enjoying playing and creating on your own rather than always doing things with Judah. Learning how to politely word your concerns or dislikes. Communicating how you feel, always with regard to how the listener might receive what you say. You have started prefacing a lot of what you say with; “I don’t want to hurt your feelings but…” or “I don’t mean to be rude but…” A few weeks ago you said to me; “Mama, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you are just frustrating me!”

I love to watch you explore – you so thoroughly delight in observing something, like the way a ball rolls, or how close to the edge of something you can be before you fall off, or how closely you can sneak up on a bird or lizard. You are  become bolder and braver and taking responsibility for your own actions – recently you hurt yourself and when I asked you what had happened you said “It is too embarrassing to tell you.”

You still haven’t decided what, exactly, you want to be when you grow up but Ninja has consistently been on the top of the list for the last few weeks. You have asked me to teach you some ninja moves, which is flattering but unrealistic. I hope you find a more suitable teacher as an older and wiser six year old.

Your love for life is contagious – you giggle from deep within and it makes everyone near you smile. You have a constant desire to go “adventuring” and try new things. You want to spend time with people and anyone who talked to you within the two weeks prior to your birthday you invited to your party – including the dental assistant who was tickled pink at such an invitation.

Your love for the Lord is deepening – your questions are becoming more complex, your understandings more certain, your awareness of right and wrong more connected to a choice to obey God or disobey Him. We are praying for you as a young man that you might be ““a brave man and a warrior. Who speaks well and is a fine looking man. And the Lord is with him.” {1 Samuel 16:18}

I love you and I like you. A lot.



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